Judy Analysis

By: Katelyn Meyer

1. Describe 2-3 of your character’s traits and support with evidence from the movie.

The two trait that Judy had were that she was very Needy, the reason that Judy was so needy was because she was considered a bully. Another reason why she was so needy was also because her parents were the type of parents who would give there children what they wanted. So from her parents giving her what she wanted, this showed her that she can get what ever she wanted so it okay to want things and think you can get what you want. The second trait is Mean/bully and this is because Judy would act like her boyfriend at the time and try to make people feel that she is the top girl out of her friends. She would try to make fun of anyone she could and it was all because of her boyfriend. ever sense she has been with him she was a bully and and mean person that acted just like her boyfriend.

http://filmsdefrance.com/FDF_Rebel_Without_a_Cause_1955_rev.html (Picture URL)

2. Describe the main problems or challenges facing your character concerning family and how that presents itself in the choices (good and bad) that the character makes as the film unfolds.

The main problem that Judy had, was that she was such a bully. As I watched the movie, I saw that she would always act like her boyfriend buzz. The main problem that was caused from Judy being such a bully was that people would try to not talk to her. People and I thought that buzz was the main conflict for her being such a bully. After Buzz dies she changes her act very fast, She also runs to Jim. Once Judy saw how he acted, it changed how she act which was the main problem and for Judy.

3.Explain whether your character changed or learned from his or her experiences throughout the movie. If not, why not?

Judy changed a lot throughout the movie. In the beginning of the movie Judy was a very mean person. She acted just like her Boyfriend (Buzz), he would making fun of people and trying to put people down. When Judy was dating him she acted just like him throwing people down. Toward the middle of the movie Buzz dies and Judy turns to another person that she likes and she then starts to act like Jim. Jim was kind and respected people and tried to help them out when they need a hand with something. Once Judy saw how he acts, she changed her act and started to concern about people and care what was going on in there life's. This is the main change for Judy.

http://rebelwithoutacausemovie.blogspot.com/2007/01/plot-summary.html (Picture URL)

4.Analyze one of the symbols in the story to show what meaning it adds.

(Plato’s Mismatched Socks)

The reason for Plato's mismatched socks to me means that each sock is showing the different parents that he has had. This is mainly showing that one of the socks are his original parents and the other sock would represent the parents that he has right now. This also to me shows how he wants to never forget about his original parents, that is why he isn't wearing matching socks.

5.Theme: What do you think is a main lesson of the film and why?

The main lesson from the film would be that there were people throughout the story that were rude and just not nice to anyone. But as seeing Plato at the end of the movie, he was acting like a rebel and tried to fix things in his own hands, tried to do everything on his own. The only thing that Plato wanted was that he just wanted a real family that he could be by every night and ask questions when they needed to be answered.

6.Add one of the questions from your group discussion and supply your thoughtful answer.

(whose family situation do you think is the worst and why?)

Pluto's family situation is the worst from what I see. After all it might look like Judy or Jim might have it hard, but if you don't have your true parents with you, anyone would act like this. At the end of the movie Pluto goes to a huge house and pretends that Judy and Jim are his parents. From seeing this, this shows that he wants things to be normal. Pluto wants a true family, that is better than what he has right now. To me Pluto has the worse family situation throughout the movie.