Miss Diane's Classroom News

October 2015

About Me

Hi, my name is Diane Soto and I am currently a junior at the University of Houston. I am pursuing my Bachelor's of Science degree for Early Childhood- Sixth Grade general education. Once I graduate I want to go straight into teaching elementary school. After some years in the classroom I want to start working on my Master of Education with a focus on administration and supervision, and then hopefully become a certified principal.

Picture credit: Diane Soto

This Week in Class...

This week in class we will be working on our science projects. Students will be expected to choose an animal they are interested in and research them. They are also expected to create a poster for their presentation. Remember this project is due October 18, 2016 and we will start presentations that same day.

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Game Time with Your Kids

As you all know we have been learning phonics in class for the last couple of weeks. I am writing to you about a new game your child can play at home which will help them practice the letter sounds we have learned in class. We have been playing this game as a class and the students are super intrigued by it. The game is called Between the Lions: Fuzzy Lion Ears and it can be found at http://pbskids.org/lions/games/ears.html. This game is pretty easy to learn how to play. All you have to do is choose the letter that matches the sound that is given to you.

Field Trip News

On October 16,2015 we will be taking a day long field trip to Old McDonald Farm, so please turn in permission slips as soon as possible. We will be going on a hay ride, picking pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, and playing with the baby animals. Please be sure to bring a sack lunch as lunch will not be provided.

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Dress Code!

Parents please remember to send your send your child in their school uniform. The uniform consists of a red polo and khaki bottoms. Also remember the polo may not have logos.

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