Hamilton's Morals and Impacts

By George Prendergast

Thesis Statement:

Alexander Hamilton had an unquestionable impact on the economic and political views of our nation.
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Alexander Hamilton's childhood/family life inspired his political and economic views by making him independent.

He was determined to improve his life. Determined, he took his first job at the age of 11. In order to sustain his goal, he became independent from his family quickly. Also, in order for his goal to be achieved, he gradually improved himself by becoming independent in his childhood. As a result, he started believing in his own morals for the new nation strongly.

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During his education, he wasn't interested in academics; however, he took an interest towards politics and economics.

Unquestionably, he was drawn to political involvement. For example, "...Hamilton was drawn more to political involvement than he was to academics." Obviously, he wasn't interested in academics. As a result, his strong views for politics formed. Also, his strong views for economic values formed. Therefore, he was determined to improve his education.

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Alexander Hamilton's views formed when he joined Washington's personal staff.

He joined Washington's personal staff in 1777. He was promoted from captain to the rank of lieutenant colonel. Therefore, his increasing rank inspired him to brainstorm about ideas for economics and politics. As a result, he started to feel that only the elite should run for office. In conclusion, his experiences created his perspective on politics and economics.

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Alexander Hamilton received his views while at the Constitutional Convention.

"Hamilton was chosen as one of the delegates from New York to attend the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia." As a delegate his economic and political morals established. He started to propose ideas; therefore, he thought his ideas would influence the economic and political morals of the new nation. Since, he was chosen to become a delegate, as a result, he started to develop his morals for the new nation. While he was at the Constitutional Convention, his morals for the new nation formed.

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He contributed an unquestionable change towards the new nation's perspective on its morals for government.

His contributions changed the nation by providing respective proposals. So, he proposed valued ideas while at the Constitutional Convention. Also, he proposed a radical plan, which was unfortunately over looked. However, his ideas later contributed towards a moderate plan. As a result, his plans and contributions had an enormous impact on the nation's governmental morals.
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Alexander Hamilton stood strong for his morals about the new nation's government.

Undoubtingly, Alexander Hamilton inherited his strong morals till the end. For example, he challenged people to duels over disputes. Unsurprisingly, Alexander Hamilton, would stand up to anyone criticizing him harshly. However, he didn't trust Burr, who later challenged him to a duel. Unfortunately, Alexander Hamilton lost the duel and later passed away the next day. But, his impacts and strong morals didn't perish with him, as a matter of fact, they are still recognized to this day.


Alexander Hamilton contributed an enormous impact on our country, which is still recognized till this day.


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