Knife Safety In the Kitchen.

Written by: Maria McArthur

Which do you think is more dangerous a dull knife or a sharp knife?

Knifes are a utensil you use in the kitchen to cut things up like bread, vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. Knifes can be dangerous, speaking of which, which do you think is more dangerous a sharp knife or a dull knife? Well the answer is a dull knife, this is because when your cutting your items the knife won't be a sharp so you'll have to put more effort in it which leads to accidentally cutting yourself. So next time you have a dull knife get a sharp knife and give the knife to an adult to sharpen.

Basic rules with cutting items in the kitchen

When cutting things up never cut them up in your hands, the right thing to do is get a cutting board. Always be alert when handling a knife, never be distracted. This can lead to very bad injuries. Always hold the item your cutting on the cutting board with one hand. Make sure to tuck your fingers in/curl them under, so your fingers are not sticking out when the blade comes down.