Brian Robisch

Barcelona, Spain



My guests and I are staying at the Hotel Arts in Barcelona. There are panoramic views, rectangular pools with hot tubs and master bathrooms in every room! It costs $614 per room per night. The hotel may be buzzing with people, but we have reserved a private suite. Each room has a picture window to see all of the spectacular views right from your own room. In this hotel, every room has its own air conditioning, and flat screen TV, and there are 5 restaurants and cafes in the hotel, with several others nearby. The pool area has lounge chairs, a swim up bar and spa's. Room service is available 24/7 for your convenience.

My lodging total will be $5,560.|u&WA6=hot&WA8=3780|Barcelona,CT,ES


There are a wide variety of things to do in Barcelona. Sightseeing alone will allow you to take in the history of the city, where you'll see marvelous statues with historical meaning. Barcelona's soccer team is the best team in the world! Going to see a soccer game gets really fun and exciting. Seeing the statues is free (after paying a small fee for transportation) however, seeing a soccer match is $45.00 a ticket.


There is so much culture surrounding Barcelona. Every year there is a festival that is a major attraction which typically brings in 1/3 of Barcelona's population. A common meal in the Spanish culture consists of chicken, rice and vegetables. Everyone does it! Spain has been under dictatorship since back in the 1900's, which is very different from American government. There is also a history of bull riding and fighting with big bulls. The fighter holds a red flag, the bulls charge them, and they try to dodge. It seems pretty scary but it sure would be a good, fun thing to watch.


For a fascinating tour around the city, take a bike!! Bicycles cost $20 euros each which is about $27.59 US dollars. Also in the city, there is choices of private conveying such as renting cars, and private limo rides from $100.00 US dollars. Wondering around this astonashing urban, recomendations for taxis and cars are very high. Everyday, we see crowds of citizens cruising down "La Ramba" with just there cycles. What a eye opening journey.


Since there is a high alltitude in Barcelona, alltitude sickness can be a big problem. One thing forsure is you definetley don't want to be sick on your dream trip, it's your dream! You can't go out and see the city of Barcelona, instead, you are lying in your hotel room asking room service for more medicine and water. A way to avoid this problem is to go to another place with a little lower alltitude and get used to it slowly so you don't go up big amount of alltitude at one time.


Overall, this trip will be such an amazing trip with all the amazing things to do, see, in Barcelona. There is nothing more exciting to go to your dream destination and enjoy being there. You will have to save some money though for the trip. This trip will be on the wall of memories for the rest of your life. Barcelona provides an amazing trip for you.


I grew up only visiting the states in the US, I have never been out of the country but I enjoy traveling here. I wanted to learn about Barcelona because my favorite soccer team plays in Barcelona ,and It has always been on my bucket list to go there. I need all the information I can get so I know what to do when I decide to plan a vacation there. After finishing elementary school and soon to be close to finishing middle school and going on to high school, I will eventually go on to visit around the world. Traveling to different states is the funnest thing in the world to do. I mostly go with my dad and my brother to the places where our family lives.