As 2015 has come to an end, and as we begin 2016, I reflect on the past 12 months and the number one word that comes to mind is GRATEFUL!! I am grateful for my cousin Erica who shared this unknown product and opportunity called Arbonne with me 10 years ago. Knowing in her heart that although I didn't 'need' Arbonne, I really did. I needed it to gain the ever so precious resource of time back. I needed it to dream again. I needed it to challenge me to have courage and step out of my comfort zone daily, or 50 years would pass by and I would have regrets about not trying new things, making new friends, fully trusting that God's plan, although sometimes NOT what I would expect, is always perfect.

I am grateful for the journey...every piece of it. The times when it felt SO hard or when I was SO disappointed and for the high fives to myself when I made a hard call, the month end cheers for teammates and sidelines, and for the triumphs from knowing that sticking it out would be SO SO WORTH IT!!

I am grateful for YOU!! For every one of you.....when you do Arbonne for this long, you come to realize that the BIGGEST blessing you gain from what we do are the relationships. The people who pour their belief into you in the beginning because we need it!!! And then your cup is full so you then can pour it into others. The people who lock arms with you and chase your dreams together....because as I learned, "teamwork DOES makes the dream work!". The people who become your life long friends, where their kids become your kids' "Arbonne cousins" who they get to see year after year, trip after trip, event after event......and grow up together. Your kids surrounding by positive, faithful, courageous and generous people...what a blessing!! The people who you get to know in glimpse' nation meetings, on facebook, at AM/VP retreats, at GTC. Those little glimpses add up and blossom into amazing friendships!!

I pray that each and everyone of you sees this clearly for you, for your family, for your current team and future team. Because it is remarkable, it is humbling, and it is REAL. LEAN INTO THIS with your whole heart....because I know your heart will be bursting like mine is every day!!



2016....I see THIS!!! Go ahead...pick out yours!!

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Recognition Effective January 1st

Congratulations on your promotion or qualification!

Almost….$100K club

RVP Amanda Thayer

½ Way to Nation

ERVP Sara Murray

½ Way to Region

JoJo deBeaubien (CO) in Amanda Thayer’s Region

Kelli Trent (CO) in Amanda Thayer’s Region

Shannon Hare (FL) in Amanda Thayer’s Region

Lindsay Bauerle (TX) in Samantha Hale’s Region

Brianna Widen (WA) in Geneva Farr’s Region

Area Manager in Qualification

Christina Zanotti in Tarrah Brandsma’s Area

*New* District Managers (8% Payraise)

Jenn Egan Fowler in Dayle Cedar’s District

Meghan Rogers Sullivan in Brianna Widen’s District

Ame LaMay in Kirsten Scott’s District

Montessa Lengefeld in Amanda Thayer's District (CO)

Amy Beals in Courtney Bauer’s District (KS)

Barb Barker in RJ Moyer's District (CO)

Andrea Beard in Emily Burch's District (CO)

District Managers in Qualification

Ryan Zanotti in Tarrah Brandsma’s District (CO)

MIchelle Opoien in Tarrah Brandsma’s District (CO)

Jenna Codespotti-Wright in Tarrah Brandsma’s District (CO)

Julie Leclercq in Erin Zanotti’s District (OK)

Ali Watkins in Erin Zanotti’s District (TX)

Rachel Price in Kyla Jones’ District (CO)

Kristin Arriola in Samantha Hale’s District (TX)

Jacqueline Spencer in Samantha Hale’s District (TX)

Kasey Johnson in Samantha Hale’s District (TX)

Kelly Matthews in Samantha Hale’s District (TX)

Kelly Watts in Samantha Hale’s District (TX)

Melissa Broaddus in Dayle Cedar’s District (TX)

Maria Lucas in Dayle Cedar’s District (TX)

Cassie Marcus in Erin Geiger’s District (TX)

Ashley Johnson in Nadine Fonseca’s District (CA)

Lauri Truong in Sarah Rehm's District (TX)

Tamara Irwin in Nadine Fonseca's District (TX)

Lindsay Hicks in Lindsay Bauerle's District (TX)

Courtney Nunez in Candace Byrn’s District (TX)

Charity Dickehut in Candace Byrn’s District (TX)

Megan Roegelin in Tiffani Ragan's District (TX)

Kristina Tucker in Melissa Sanchez's District (TX)

Brittany Flournoy in Melissa Sanchez's District (TX)

Megan Sanders in Melissa Sanchez’s District (TX)

Kristi Reinike-Lauro in Krista Sabec-Labrot’s District (CO)

Erika Riley in Krista Sabec-Labrot’s District (CO)

Nicole Post in Wendy Johnson’s District (CO)

Kari Wilson in Kelli Helzer’s District (MI)

Nicci Kochsmeier in Kelli Helzer’s District (CO)

Madeline East in Sabine Bezdek’s District (CO)

Rachael Demeyer in Meghan Rogers Sullivan’s District (WA)

Amanda Hua in Katie Ganderton’s District (CO)

Erica Rhuby in Natasha Gonzales’ District (CO)

Bessie Harper in Gretchen Hennessy’s District (AZ)

Shannon Nelson in Stephanie Kalter’s District (CO)

Ashley Mclawyer in Mandie Atchity's District (CO)

Monika Fraser in Patricia Brotherson's District (CO)

Michele New in Patricia Brotherson's District (CO)

Ashley Gray in Angelle Schott’s Disctrict (CO)

Lori Nguyen in Amanda Thayer's District (CO)

Melissa Rice in Amanda Thayer's District (CO)

Diana Moyers-Seibels in RJ Moyer's District (MO)

Lisa Roth in Montessa Lengefeld's District (CO)

Aspen Frey in Courtney Bauer's District (KS)

Brenda Carlson in Amy Beal's District (KS)

Debbie Waters in Jojo deBeaubien's District (CO)

Deborah Moscosco in Jessica Devine's District (FL)

Sheila Wyner in Shannon Hare's District (FL)

Jennie Carmichael in Kelli Trent's District (CO)

Denise Dunlap in in Kelli Trent's District (CO)

Aileen Gahagan in Kelli Trent's District (CO)

Tori Branson in Arlene Burgess’ District

Kelly Lynch in Arlene Burgess’ District

Kim Richter in Arlene Burgess’ District

Amy Baldwin in Arlene Burgess’ District

Lauren Pontious-Powell in Jeanie Boymel’s District

Shanna Nickel in Jeanie Boymel’s District

Madeline East in Sabine Bezdek’s District

DM Bonus Earners

(Extra $200 on top of your paycheck!)

Tarrah Brandsma

Erin Zanotti

Raven Astrom

Erin Geiger

Samantha Hale

Kelli Helzer

Sabine Bezdek

Geneva Farr

Kelli Trent

Emily Burch

Patricia Brotherson

Courtney Bauer

Arlene Burgess

Jeanie Boymel

Brianna Widen

Heather Dalgren

Kirsten Scott

AM Bonus Earners

(Extra $400 on top of your paycheck!)

Tarrah Brandsma

Samantha Hale

Lindsay Bauerle

Brianna Widen

Arlene Burgess

Kelli Trent

Arlene Burgess

RVP Bonus Earners

(Extra $600 on top of your paycheck!)

Amanda Thayer

Geneva Farr

Samantha Hale

Tarrah Brandsma

TRIFECTA Bonus Earners

Tarrah Brandsma

Samantha Hale


Sales & Sponsoring Superstars!!

Top Region Sales ($)

Amanda Thayer - $96,344

Top Region Sponsoring (# of NEW $150 PCs/Cons)

Amanda Thayer - 72

Geneva Farr - 72

Top Area Sales ($)

Tarrah Brandsma - $32,68

Arlene Burgess - $27,718

Kelli Trent - $24,403

Lindsay Bauerle - $23,806

Samantha Hale - $23,795

Amanda Thayer - $22,600

Brianna Widen - $21,782

Kelly Brgoch - $20,970

Kelli Helzer - $15,878

Courtney Bauer - $14,690

Top Area Sponsoring (# of NEW $150 PCs/Cons)

Tarrah Brandsma - 30

Brianna Widen - 26

Samantha Hale - 20

Courtney Bauer - 19

Arlene Burgess - 17

Kelli Trent - 17

Lindsay Bauerle - 17

Sabine Bezdek - 16

Tiffany Weaver - 15

Shannon Hare - 15

Top District Sales ($)

Tarrah Brandsma - $17,302

Arlene Burgess - $13,660

Kelli Trent - $13,540

Samantha Hale - $11,289

Dayle Cedars - $10,173

Amanda Thayer - $10,118

Courtney Bauer - $10,036

Roald Moyers - $8,884

Kirsten Scott - $8,532

Raven Astrom - $8,366

Top District Sponsoring (# of NEW $150 PCs/Cons)

Erin Zanotti - 23

Courtney Bauer - 19

Geneva Farr - 11

Brianna Widen - 10

Dayle Cedars - 10

Kirsten Scott - 10

Samantha Hale - 10

Jessica Devine - 9

Kelli Trent - 8

Arlene Burgess - 7

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