All About ME



My family is crazy and amazing. My family consist of me, my mom Jennifer, my stepdad Troy, my sister Brittney, my stepsister Nene, my nephew Braxton (Brittney's son), my niece Sierra (Brittney's daughter), my new nephew D, my grandmother Meme. I consider my best friends Sydney and Grace part of my family too. I also have a dog named Pepper and a cat named Gracie. I used to have another cat Hayden who died he was a part of my family also.


I love playing the cello and clarinet. I'm in orchestra and band. I also love to sing and dance. I'm a big fan of anime and art. I play soccer. I hope to become a famous cellist, singer, or dancer. I would like to think about taking a career in art for anime. I like to help people especially elders and young children. I would like to become a therapist or psychiatrist for children.

Personality Traits

I'm would say I'm creative, nice, and kind. I have pretty stable emotions. I like to help others. My Holland results say that my highest trait is artistic and my second highest is social. For me this means I'm very creative and helpful. Artistic jobs for me could be an illustrator, a photographer, or clothing/fashion designer. Social jobs could be a therapist, teacher, or psychiatrist.

Brain Orientation

I am right brained.


I would say I'm good at playing the cello. I'm not much of a good writer, but I hope to improve my writing skills.

Multiple Intelligence

I am most intelligent in music and least intelligent in math and science. I have always had a hard time with math and science.


My top three life values are family, god, and honesty. My top three work values are creativity, good work environment, and schedule/time freedom.


My activities at school include orchestra and band. My activities outside of school include listening to music, singing, reading, playing soccer, watching Netflix, and suffering social media.

Ways to Improve

I definitely need to find a way to decrease my stress levels. Effort is something I need to work on, I need to put more effort in my school work and assignments. That's a big thing I need to improve. Also socializing is another big quality I need to improve. I'm very antisocial, I don't like socializing with a lot of people because I can't find anything in common with people.

It's All Good

I'm very proud of my music taste. I think my music taste is great. Unlike the music a lot of teens listen to that have no meaning behind the lyrics I like the music I listen to because they have meaning. I would say I have a good choice of judgement. I think my fashion is great. A lot of people don't understand why I wear a bunch of clothes that involve animes but I love them because they entertain me.

Kuder Test Results

My results say my top three interest and skills are performing art, early childhood development and services, and marketing communications. I don't think I would be good in marketing communications but another result they had was visual arts I think I would be better at that then marketing communications. The other two results I'm content with.


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My Future