fairy's rewards


On a sunny day a man passed by a peaceful village. The man’s name was Doctorine Med. He was a doctor who stated anything green that grew out of the mould was an excellent medicine. Everybody laughed at him and called him a fool. Doctorine always sang a poem about it and became a famous poet writer. But he only made poets that were related to the medicine. He researched for a long time and finally made a medicine but nobody believed him or even tried to listen to him. Doctorine wandered off aimlessly until he reached a quiet village called Faruntal.

Faruntal was located in the countryside. It had a lot of old people but everybody who lived there were kind and helpful. Then he decided to live there for the remaining life. There were rare animals and plants, and the villagers took care of them. The village had shrines and other holy places, but there was one place that Doctorine never visited. The Fairy Lake.

It was a lake that had fairies visiting it. The village head man was the only one that was allowed to go there. Even the village head man’s family was not allowed in there. Doctorine wanted to go to the Fairy Lake but he never dared to go.

Few years passed after the man started living in the village. He already got familiar with every person in the village and had a happy life. But on a cold stormy night the village head man fell ill. It was a disease that Doctorine has never seen. Many doctors came and tried to heal the village head man but nobody succeeded.

The head man said that Doctorine had to go to the Fairy Lake and get some medicine. Doctorine ran to the lake and heard somebody singing. It was the fairy who was singing. The fairy said “Your medicine will save the head man.” It disappeared after it talked. Doctorine ran back with nothing. The villagers were angry and sad, but Doctorine said “I have an idea.” He quickly picked up a plant that grew from the mould and made a medicine. People were scared and terrified as Doctorine gave the medicine to the head man. After the head man drank the medicine he became healthy. Everybody was happy and said it was a miracle.

After one year Doctorine became famous and the village also became famous for its spiritual power.

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This story is based on a poem called Our Father of Old by Rudyard Kipling.


Our Father of Old is a poem from a story called A Doctor of Medicine- Rewards and Fairies which is also by Rudyard Kipling.