Cultural Memoir

Ana Serrano

Multilingual Household

I grew up speaking English and Spanish in my home

  • My dad is from Chile
  • My mom is from Upstate New York
  • My nanny was from Peru, and did not speak any English
  • I would read/have books read to me in English & Spanish
  • I would also watch Disney movies in Spanish

My dialect, accent, & vocabulary

  • My mom grew up in the north, but has lived in the south for the past 30 some years
  • My dad has picked up his English from many different people and loves to mimic different accents


  • My mom's Spanish is not good
  • My dad and my nanny had two different dialects which I picked up on both
  • I also learned "school Spanish" which is different from my dad and my nanny
  • My brother and sister speak Spanish very differently

Events, People, Groups of pride