The New PES Media Center

Where Our Children Will Learn to Be Tech Savy!


The goal for the PES Media Center for the 2013-2014 is to improve the technology skills of all of our students to prepare them for the Common Core Standards.


Kindergarten & First Grade: Kindergarten and first grade students will be taught basic computer skills.

Second & Third Grade: Second and Third grade students will be taught basic keyboarding by using a web based typing program. They will also begin using presentation software like Prezi.

Fourth Grade: Fourth grade students will master presentation software, and complete internet scavenger hunts and review typing games. Picture stories with microsoft word will also be introduced.

Fifth & Sixth grade: Students will complete research activities and produce documents, and presentations. These activities will include on-line stories and collages.

Tools Needed to Complete the PES Media Center

In order to make this goal and objectives a reality, the media center needs to have 10-15 more chrome books added to their collection


A set of ten chrome books will cost $3, 37. 50 total shipping and tax included. Additional chrome books will run an average of $280.00 a piece.