LifeRUNNERS Concierge

Houston's New Lifestyle Management Concierge Company

You rang, we've answered

Your most valuable asset is time, so let us do your running. LifeRUNNERS is your premium lifestyle management concierge company. You have plenty to do, allow us to make life easier.

LifeRUNNERS is a modern response to the ever so common dilemma of not having enough time in a day. We are dedicated to assisting you the best way we can, so whether you're a busy professional, homemaker, expat or even college student we are sure we can help relieve some stress and make life simpler.

Many of you live busy lives and would prefer to do the things you enjoy and bypass getting tied up in errands. We strive to make our whole process quick, simple and seamless, paying attention to detail and providing exceptional customer service.

Why Choose Us?

With LifeRUNNERS, you get a personalized, boutique service that’s tailored to your specific needs and preferences. We are trusted professionals who value nothing more than your satisfaction and trust. All our staff have passed comprehensive background checks and reference checks. LifeRUNNERS is a licensed, bonded and insured company.

How can LifeRUNNERS help me?

Below are real life examples of how LifeRunners has helped clients near and far...

"I'm hosting a meeting this morning for an international client, I need some materials printed and if you could please provide English breakfast and copies of the Wall Street Journal and New York Times."

"My friend just welcomed a baby, can you please put together an organic baby gift basket and hand deliver it to her home."

"I'll be traveling soon and want someone to purchase groceries and check up on my elderly mother while I'm away."

"I'm a busy traveling consultant and am only home on the weekends. Can you do my laundry weekly and pick up my dry cleaning from around the corner?"

"I'm looking for a bridal dress featured on the show "Say Yes to the Dress." Can you find it?"

"Next month is College Parents Weekend at my daughter's school, please arrange brunch reservations and locate the nearest Catholic mass church service so we can attend."

"Please purchase everything on my kids back to school list and deliver to my home."