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There is a job opening open to all Scribes who are willing to count dead bodies! You would go to a battle, record everything the Pharaoh has done (that is heroic) and then once the battle is over, you would chop of dead bodies hands put them in a bag and count how many were dead! Please drop off a tablet with your information on it and leave it in front of Thutmose III palace.

School Starting!

Wednesday, May 12th 1458 at 9pm


School is starting up! The Scribes are ready, but are you children? Tutoring is also available if you cannot make school hours. Please supply your own tablets. See you then!

King or Queen?

Lately, pharaoh Hatshepsut has been hiding herself under a beard! What is she trying to do?

Citizens have been talking trash about Hatshepsut and the fact that she's a woman. Tired of the talk, Hatshepsut decides to publicly display herself as a man.

"I can do everything a man can do."- Said Hatshepsut, "The will regret what they said."

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Hatshepsut has recently been caught having an affair with a commoner! Recent reports have seen her with another man in public.

"I think that is absurd!" -said Thutmose III

"I don't think social status should matter" -said Hatshepsut


The secret is out! Someone in the palace told Thutmose III that he was meant to be Pharaoh, not his step mother. After 20 years of lost time, he order Hatshepsut to be killed. Once the deed was done, he ordered her name taken off of everything. Thus an end was put to the reign of Hatshepsut.

The Burial of Hatshepsut

Thursday, Jan. 21st 1458 at 5pm

Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut, Qesm Al Wahat Al Khargah, New Valley Governorate, Egypt

New Valley Governorate

Our beloved Hatshepsut has "passed on" to the afterlife. We need to send her off the right way. Please join us at her funeral. Hope to see you there.

Anniversary of the Conquering of the Hyksos

Thursday, July 1st 1458 at 9pm

Thutmose's Palace

Come and celebrate the anniversary of the conquering of the Hyksos.

NOTICE: Battle Fought, Battle Won

Our great Pharaoh, Thutmose III, has won the battle of megiddo. We are well on our way to becoming the superpower of Egypt. We have conquered many and are very excited for what is to come.
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Contact The Gods

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Thutmose's Palace