The Future is Space

Scot Campbell's 1st Grade Science Poster

What planet would you like to live on?

Someday, we might live on different planets. Have you seen the movie, The Martian? It was about an astronaut who was accidentally left behind on Mars. He had to survive until the crew could come back to save him. Luckily, he used science to solve his problems. He figured out how to have enough oxygen, water, and food to keep him alive.

What would your planet have to have in order for you to survive there?

Learn about our Solar System

You can learn all about the planets through books, websites, universities, and organizations. It is fun to find out new things about space. In fact, my dad shared this National Geographic link about a new planet:

Scientists think it might be out there. It would be even farther away in deep space than Pluto, but still a part of our Solar System.

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