Mobile Learning in the Classroom



  • Creates mobile flash cards, study guides and quizzes
  • Allows teachers to track student progress
  • Available for a wide variety of platforms, including desktop computers.
  • Free for students, teachers have to register for a free trial.
  • Students would be able to easily access material to study for exams.

Here's the link

StoryKit App

  • Free app that allows students to create stories about their lives, tell classic stories or even alter them, or simply create their own story.
  • StoryKit could be used to explore the key concepts in classic tales through telling the story from multiple perspectives. For example, tell the story of The Tortoise and the Hare from the perspective of the Hare.
  • Below is a video tutorial on how to use Storykit.

Digtal Storytelling on an iPad using StoryKit


  • Another free app that allows students to create and customize high-quality videos without the long process of manual editing.
  • Students can use Videolicious to help explain key concepts and even add a little humour and fun into a class presentation.
  • Below is a video demonstration.

Here's the link to the website.

Videolicious Demo

Journal Jar

  • Free app that with a shake, students are given a prompt to write about for a brief creative thinking exercise.
  • Can be used every now and then to encourage growth and progress in quality of writing, be it grammar, spelling, stories and so on.
  • Even available to use on a desktop.

Here's the link.

Free Journal Topics Jar App - How To Get Ideas for Journal Writing


  • Described as "Talking Photos", students can take pictures and talk about them, be it their favourite place, restaurant, place to hang out, etc.
  • Gets students started on developing public speaking skills as they discuss the subject of the photo.
  • Could also encourage storytelling

Here's the link.