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December 2022 Newsletter

Semester Exam Schedule

Students will take major exams the last week of the fall semester. It is very important that students be present for these important tests. To help your child do his or her best, plan vacations or health care appointments around test dates. Final exams count ten percent of the semester grade for junior high school courses and fifteen percent for high school classes.

Any missed exam must be made up with the specific instructor the week of January 3-6.

Final exam dates are listed below.

First Semester Exam Schedule:

12/14: 1st, 3rd, 5th Period Finals

12/15: 2nd, 4th and 6th Period Finals

12/16: 7th Period Final / Early Release Day at 1:00 pm

For planning purposes, second semester exams are from May 23, 2022 to May 25, 2023.

Early Release December 16

Our campus will have an early release on FRIDAY, December 16 at 1:00 p.m. Buses will depart at approximately 1:05 p.m. In this day. Please plan for the potential for heavier traffic on the pickup lines.

December Spirit Days

December 1: Snowman Day

December 2: Rudolph/Reindeer Day (wear your antlers, reindeer t-shirt, or animal print) December 6: Santa Hat Day

December 8: Twins day because Christmas trees have a TWIN-kle!

December 12: Crazy Christmas Sweater Day

December 14: Candy Cane Day - Wear Red and White

December 15: Cowboy Christmas / Cowgirl Day

Winter Dance

Our next dance is on December 9th from 4:30 pm to 8pm in the Moorhead Gym.

Dress Code: Casual/normal dress for the school day.

Tickets will not be available online, cash only during lunches.

Monday through Thursday $8 Friday $10

Panther Band News

We had two students make an All-Region Band this year!

Petrona Mendoza earned 9th chair flute in the Symphonic Band. She placed 16th overall out of over 150 other flute players. This is Petrona's SECOND TIME to earn a spot in the All-Region Band! She was in the All-Region Concert Band last year as a 7th graders.

Hyrum Mather earned 3rd chair bassoon in the Concert Band. He placed 9th overall out of 40 other bassoon players. Hyrum also placed high enough to earn a spot in the All-Region Philharmonic Orchestra!

Mr. Day and Miss Tullius

Orchestra News

The Orchestra's Winter Concert is December 8 at 7:00 pm at Caney Creek High School, in the gym. This is combined with CCHS and the Grangerland Orchestras. Orchestra members must arrive at CCHS by 6:00 pm and the concert begins at 7:00 pm.

Moorhead Band Concert Dates

Band Christmas Concert at Caney Creek HS - Monday, December 12 at 6:30pm

Wind Ensemble performs at Grangerland Intermediate - Friday, December 9.

Choir News

The MJH Christmas Concert is Monday, December 5th. All students in current choir classes will be performing. The concert will be at 7 p.m. in the Caney Creek Auditorium. All students are allowed to stay after school (permission slips to be sent home after Thanksgiving break). Students will wear choir shirt and jeans (no holes or sag), and close toed shoes. Parents, friends, and family are all invited to attend to hear the Choir ring in the holiday season. Students will be released to parents upon concert end. Student rides must be at Caney Creek no later than 8 pm.

First Day of School!

Classes resume on Wednesday, January 4, 2023!

Project Lit Book Drive

Our Project Lit (Literature) Club will be hosting a book drive on January 16 from 4:30pm - 6:30pm. Students are teachers are working towards the goal of building a neighborhood library.

The goal of the community-based project to help build literacy in our community. Our goal is for the kids to spearhead a plan to create a book drive for the community to create a "Little Free Library" here on Moorhead Jr. High School.

Our Goal: We want to hold a book drive for people to donate high interest books of a variety of reading levels. We want our kids to do something good for their community. They will be in charge of planning and executing this project. Our goal is to have elementary, intermediate, middle school, and high school level reading materials.

The new library will be added to the new Moorhead School. If you are interested in joining our movement please email Ellen Lee at .

Our mission:

We are a club dedicated to young people falling in love with books.. Our mission is Building a culture of Literacy within our community of East Montgomery County. Our mission is to bring free, easily accessible, and high interest books to our county.

We are building a Little Free Library on the new Moorhead Jr High School campus for students to take and leave books as they like. If you would like to join our cause please consider purchasing one of the books on our Amazon Wishlist! No gift is too small! ----> Here is the URL for the amazon wish list if people want to buy and donate 馃檪.

Thank You - The Project Lit Club

Thank you so much.

Ms. Lee and Project Lit (MJHS Chapter)

Summer 2023 Washington DC Trip

This is just a friendly reminder that our deadline to register for the Washington DC trip is coming up on December 15th. It is possible to register after that, but I cannot guarantee a spot after that deadline. I have 15 students signed up so far and I still have 20 spots open. Remember the registration fee is only$99 and it holds a spot for your child. If you still have questions about the trip that have not been answered, then please let me know. I am including the link for easy registration and the Trip number is A142 and the Date of departure is 5/28/23.

If you still have questions about the trip that have not been answered, then please let me know.

Register Here

D Angel Smith


Our next PTO meeting for this school year is January 26 at 1:30 pm in the Moorhead Junior High conference room.
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Students of the Month

Congratulations to the following students for being selected by faculty and staff as Moorhead's November Students of the Month!

Elmer M.

Allizon Z.

Paige B.

Jason Y.

Each student received a cane box lunch from our sponsors at Raisin' Canes at 105 in Conroe.

The Moorhead Theater Arts Troope Performs for the student body

Congratulations Moorhead One Act Play!

The results are in from our performance at the festival on the 12th! MJHS Theatre put on quite a show and wowed two out of three of the festival judges. Five of our group of ten earned festival awards.

All Star Cast:

  • Donna Holden
  • Sophie Smithey

Honorable Mention:

  • Brook Ables
  • Maddox Ihnen

Technician Award

  • Ceci Rezzoffi

Please congratulate these students and come see our award-winning cast tomorrow!

Communities in Schools News

Parents can submit an application on the following website to receive benefits if they have kids that are receiving free or reduced lunch.

The CISD Police Department along with Communities in Schools are hosting a toy drive at Moorhead starting today until December 7th. Gifts for all ages can be donated, from infant to 17 years old. If you can help brighten a child's day, please send your student with a gift or you can drop off a gift yourself at the campus.

Boys Basketball News

Our Moorhead Panthers kicked off their season against a very well-coached Peet Cubs team. The Panthers were down 26-12 at the half but played an aggressive defensive game that helped the Panthers decrease the deficit. With 5 seconds to go, Rayden Peroni secured a steal and sank 2 free throws to give the Panthers a 40-39 VICTORY! I'm so proud of them as their coach for their "Never Say Die" attitude. Congratulate the boys as you see them in the hallway and in class. For the 2nd straight season, the 8th grade A Team starts off the season UNDEFEATED!

Girls Basketball News

The Lady Panthers played an intense game of basketball against the Knox Knights. The girls played amazing! During the 4th quarter, with 20 seconds left the Lady Knights scored a bucket forcing us into overtime! With 4 minutes on the clock YOUR LADY PANTHERS played some of the best basketball, holding defense tight and scoring 3 more buckets which lead to a sweet sweet victory! 24-21!

  • Top scorer was Tay Ruffin with 12 points!
  • Best defense was Yaneli Cuevas with 10 steals!
  • Most rebounds with 5 was Paige Barker!
  • Along with many other buckets, assist, steals, blocks and much more from all other team members!

The Lady Panthers plays their next game at HOME December 1st against York! The girls are working hard and after two tough losses to York last year, we want to come out victorious! Please mark your calendars to be there to hype up the girls!


Basketball Pep Rally

Communication Applications and Debate News

Communication Application students continue to work on their Mock Interview Unit, with a focus on the individual resume, professional dress, and the in class Mock Interview. Please practice with your student, in an effort to give the best answers to those tough interview questions.

Debate students began their Lincoln-Douglas, value debates, where they will either affirm or negate the following:

Resolved: That Moorhead Junior High School ought to abolish the dress code.

Resolved: That violent juvenile offenders ought to be tried as adults in the criminal justice system.

Ask them to shar their arguments with you. They are impressive!

Powerlifting Club Schedule

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Moorhead Spirit Days






Safety First

Car riders after school must be picked up along the driveway/sidewalk of the school. We don't want anyone to get hit by a car. Think of all the young drivers out of high school who may be driving distracted! We ask that you do not pick up your child on the street or ask your child to cross the street.
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Does your child need help with homework or getting caught up?

Tutorials are held Monday through Thursday for all core subjects Student Success Center!

Electives tutorials are by appointment only.


路 Well before 4:00 pm, students should know how they are going to get home (car or late bus); in other words, they don't decide at 4:00 that they need to stay for SSC.

路 4:05 - Students line up at the door of the 7th grade library, spilling out into the cafeteria; whether they hear a dismissal announcement or not, they are dismissed from class at 4:05 (not earlier) for the SSC. They should not arrive later than 4:10.

路 Students turn in their official SSC pass signed by the teacher to the SSC facilitator on duty.

路 The students begin to work in silence at the table of the corresponding subject area until the tutors arrive.

路 Electronic devices are not allowed unless a tutor or SSC facilitator has given permission to use them.

路 Students must ask the SSC facilitator for permission to use the restroom.

路 Car riders are dismissed at 5:05 pm and late bus riders are dismissed at 5:10 pm.
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Protect your child!

Protect your child from the dangers of the Internet on their phones by following these simple steps:

IOS/Apple I-Phone Users go to:


then scroll down to USE SCREEN TIME PASSCODE (it's in blue) Set a passcode only you know.

Then go back up to:



CONTENT RESTRICTIONS (Set more restrictions here)

You are done!

or please invest in a monitoring app like one of the following:

Is Social Media playing a part in the increase of anxiety and depression in Teens?

Pew Research, 2018 states:

  • 95% of teens have access to a smartphone
  • 45% have non-stop access
  • 10%+ cannot control online behavior
    • If you can't control yourself is it an addiction?
  • 鈥淒igital Heroin鈥
    • the term created based on brain research showing the dopamine levels in the brain when using social media
    • Gaming has also shown similar effects

Is Social Media Positive or Negative? - what do kids say?

  • 31% say it is mostly POSITIVE
  • 45% say it has no effect
  • 24% say it is mostly NEGATIVE

Hashtag Trends to be aware of:

  • #sue: suicide
  • #deb: depression
  • #ana: anorexia
  • #thinsp: thinspiration (photos/messages that 鈥渋nspire鈥 an effort to become thin)
  • #svv: self-harming behavior

Helpful Text Sites:

How is it Affecting the Teen Brain? - (is it reversible?)

Physical Issues (not reversible):

  • Vision: vision loss, at-risk for macular degeneration
  • Increase: Teen migraines
  • Finger/wrist pain
  • 鈥淭ext neck鈥 (premature degeneration of neck and spine)
  • 鈥淧hantom Vibration Syndrome鈥

Mental Health Issues (reversible):

  • Decrease in self-confidence
  • Peer Pressure increase
  • Anxiety increase
  • Depression increase

Increase in Suicidal Ideation (SDSU study 2019):

  • Teens spending 5+ hours daily online (social media):
    • 71% more likely to have at least one risk factor for suicide
  • Risk decreases exponentially for teens spending 1 hour daily or less

Increase in Social Isolation (American Journal of Preventative Medicine 2017)

  • Teens on social media more than 58 times per week:
    • 3x鈥檚 more likely to feel socially isolated
  • Less feelings of isolation if less than 9 times on social media per week
  • Teens equate # of SM friends to reality

Brain Issues (may or may not be reversible):

  • Decrease in ability to multi-task and memory decline

  • Inability to regulate emotions

  • Reading "likes" and "shares" vs. gestures or facial expressions

  • Psychological addiction and impairment in hippocampus and amygdala

Social Media is constantly activating our Fight, Flight, or Freeze (survival) response:

THIS can eventually lead to:

  • High blood pressure

  • Hypertension/cardiovascular disease

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer

  • More frequent illnesses

  • Eating issues

  • Mental health issues

SO WHY are teens doing this??!

  • Because a social media notification=鈥渄igital heroin鈥. Facebook creators admitted that they created the "LIKE" notifications because they are addictive. People begin to crave "LIKES" and post more content. Then the brain sends dopamine along a reward pathway which 鈥媐eels good. Before we know it the behavior becomes a habit.

So...What is the Effect of Social Media on Student Population?

  • Source of distraction
  • Herd mentality

  • Degree of anger by teen victims of bullying associated w/increased exposure to media

  • Lack of EMPATHY/Sociopathology

  • Working memory and selective attention issues

  • Sensory information and response issues

  • Emotional reactivity

  • Lack of cognitive control over emotions

  • Increased anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation

The reality is this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to research on Social Media and the Brain. When we are wondering why anxiety and depression are on the rise we can't ignore the research. Are kids able to use social media during their school day? If so, they are activating their fight, flight or freeze response which is known as the emotional brain. When kids are in their emotional brain they can't access their thinking part of their brain which affects learning.

Students today are always looking for an advantage to push them to the top.

I wonder how things would change if they knew the two easiest ways to get an advantage are:

  • Getting 9 hours of sleep a night.
  • Collect all household electronics before bedtime.
  • Limiting Social Media

Anonymous Alerts

Conroe ISD will continue to roll out the Anonymous Alerts - anti bullying app. Anonymous Alerts is a proprietary student anti-bullying app that helps combat bullying and other negative activities in schools by empowering students to volunteer to help themselves and other students. Social and peer pressures are some of the toughest obstacles for students to overcome, now they can report bullying and safety issues quickly using the Anonymous Alerts mobile app. Students or parents in the school community can anonymously submit alerts about suspicious activity, safety threats, intimidation, alcohol or drug use, bullying, family issues, bullying, campus safety concerns, and self-harm issues to school administrators or counselors. The app is free on the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and Chrome Store. Students will still have the option to call Kid Chat to report anything at 1-800-kid-chat.
The Conroe Independent School District (District), as an equal opportunity educational provider and employer, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, or disability in the educational programs or activities it operates or in matters labor. . The District is required by Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, as amended, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as the Board's policy not to discriminate in that manner. For information regarding Title IX rights or Section 504/ADA rights, contact the Title IX Coordinator or Section 504/ADA Coordinator at 3205 W. Davis, Conroe, TX 77304; (936) 709-7752.