Sports Mania Kite

Victor Scott

Kite Instruction

step1: You need certian tools to make this kite. Here is what you will need, String, Tissue paper, Markers, scissors, tape.step 2: Second cut out a circle on your tissue paper. Thentake your straws and form them into cirlce. Next wrap the tissue paper around the straws Step 3: Then cut out a long tail, so the long tail can glide the wind.Step 4: Next you can decorate and make your kite look coolStep 5: Next you may attach a stringto your kite which is called the bridle, after you get done with that then attach your string to a popcicle stick to make it

The history of diamond Kites

  Over the centuries since Diamond kites were first popular in Europe, they have been used for many practical purposes. For example, aerial photography, meteorological observations and the transmission of long-range radio signals. In this regard, their history has a distinct similarity to the history of Box kites. Only Box kites came along much later, since the late 1800s, and did all these things better! But what are diamond kites used for in the new Millennium? Just having fun, it seems! Apart from a handful of hobbyists perhaps, the great majority of Diamonds these days are relatively small, colorful kites mainly marketed to children. That doesn't stop a few older kite nuts like yours truly flying them as well! Here's an interesting shot of a train of small Diamonds. Just one of the kites has turned enough to catch the sun, and display its decoration...


My perimeter was 23inches when I measured the perimeter. My surface area of my kite was 503 inches squared. I measured the surface are by breaking up in to two triangles and doing base times hight divided by two. I measured the perimeter by adding up all sides of the triangle.

kite word problem #1

In 1820, George Pocock connected several large kites to a carriage and pulled it from Southampton to London. Since road taxes were based on the number of horses used to pull a carriage, he was able to avoid any taxes! The 60 mile trip took two hours. Modern kite buggies now go twice as fast but seldom go as far. How fast was the carriage moving?  To solve my promblem I used multipication. When I finished my word problem I got 120 miles per hour.

kite word problem #2

In the year 169 BC, the Chinese General Han Hsin used a kite to measure the distance between his camp and the wall of an enemy city. His soldiers then dug a tunnel the same distance in order to crawl under the wall and attack from inside. The city was conquered by a kite! How can you measure a minimum distance with a kite? They used the fly line as a ruler to measure the length of the tunnel.

Having fun!!

Creating this kite was very fun!!! I also advise others to do this as well.