Honors Course of the Day


ISSUES IN CRIMINAL PROCEDURE (Criminal Justice 3901.01, CRN: 24271)

Days/Times: Tuesday & Thursday, 11 to 12:20 PM

Professor: Cathy Jo-Rosen (crosen@temple.edu)

Was the police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri homicide?

Is Edward Snowden a traitor?

Does legalizing marijuana fix the criminal justice system?

How and why do innocent people go to prison?

Can police “stop-and-frisk” you without violating your constitutional rights?

Is the information on your personal cell phone private?

In CJ 3901, Issues in Criminal Procedure, you will think through these and other questions by contrasting positions from multiple perspectives (and underlying philosophies and assumptions). One of the most fundamental of these is the legal debate that pits the rights of the individual versus the interests of the State. Social science evidence can and should be used to inform these issues. Can there be a balance between constitutionally guaranteed personal liberty and the focus on State security in a post-9/11 world? The class is open to all majors, but only students who are interested in better understanding their constitutional rights should take this class. The course format includes videos, guest speakers, classroom discussion and debate.

This is a great class for pre-law students majoring in any discipline, as a primary focus is on close-reading and critical analysis of U.S. Supreme Court cases.

About the Professor: Prior to becoming a full time academic, I worked as a law clerk for a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice where I concentrated on cases involving issues in criminal procedure and as a litigator in a large Philadelphia law firm. In my free time you can find me working on my tennis game, rooting for the Phillies and Flyers, and Flyers, and wishing that Temple was closer to higher, snowier mountains.