Protection Rights

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Children are beaten, trafficking, forced into child labor and harmful traditional practices, such as child marriage everyday.

  • Approximately 126 million children aged 5–17 are believed to be engaged in hazardous work, excluding child domestic labor.

How can you help?

  • Know how to take care of your child and what their needs are.
  • Not leaving a child unwatched
  • Not leaving a child in an unsafe place
  • Not seeking necessary medical attention for a child
  • Not having a child attend school
  • Give them love and support
  • Reach out to children in your community

How can you end it?

  • The child's doctor can explain children's needs at every age. He or she can recommend places to learn more about parenting and child care.
  • Local health and social service departments often have parenting classes. Social service workers also can help parents get assistance to ease their financial situations.
  • Hospitals and community centers often have classes on stress reduction, parenting, discipline, and nutrition.
  • Psychologists, counselors, and social workers can help parents and caregivers deal with problems like drug use, anger and previous experiences of abuse
  • Help a family under stress.
  • donate money to a organization that goes to place throughout the world to help save the other children in other countries.