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November 2018

Dear CGSD Community,

The winter season is upon us (well, it sure feels like it, anyway!), but our schools are warmed with hot topics and dynamic learning experiences! We recently celebrated a Thanksgiving feast and took measure of the people (and pets!) for which we are grateful. We closed out the first academic marking period and, while we all didn't earn straight A's, student progress was demonstrated in countless measurable (and immeasurable) ways!

Among the many highlights this month, the CGSD formally launched its strategic planning initiative, a 3-year research-based process facilitated by the Rutgers Center for Effective School Practices ( This initiative seeks valuable stakeholder feedback to help create a meaningful set of goals that will guide day-to-day decision making, inform our approach to moving forward and contain steps to evaluate our progress.

Earlier this month, we welcomed an enthusiastic group of community members to begin this fundamentally important planning process. Many thanks go out to the participants who volunteered their time and provided us with a great start to our 3-year road map. Feedback gathered during this first session appeared both honest and constructive; academic excellence and social growth can be achieved through hard work, the expansion of community partnerships, efficient management of resources and on-going collaboration.

Next month, strategic planning activities will be centered around district personnel and select members of our student population. I can't wait to hear what our students and staff have to say about the direction they'd like to see us take!



Michael J. Fetherman


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Pre-Construction Meetings Bridge Planning with Action!

Pre-construction meetings are underway in advance of, well, construction! Project drawings are being finalized in conjunction with building walkthroughs with engineers, our architect and other project contributors. Our immediate next steps include the finalization of bid packages and the awarding of same. Please visit the Friday Folder for additional information regarding this important project.

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Advantages of AP Coursework

So what are the advantages of earning Advanced Placement (AP) credits at CGHS? Check out this article written by Linda Jacobson @lrj417 for some insight.

Home for the Holidays Concert - Monday, Dec. 17 @ CGHS

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Members of the Cedar Grove Police Department visited Drivers Education classes to discuss the responsibilities of operating a motor vehicle.
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SE Pre-K and Interactive Journals - Now that's the Ticket!

South End preschool students have started using interactive writing journals in small groups! These journals are used for a variety of skills. For our younger students, they are practicing how to properly hold a pencil and the pre-writing skill of tracing. Older students are learning how to connect pictures with words. They are drawing pictures and labeling them on their own by thinking about what sound/letter the picture starts with. Students also practice a focus letter of the week in writing journals. In this picture, preschool students are learning all about the letter T, having made their own letter T out of real tickets!

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NE students in Mrs. Sweeney’s class were thoughtful and proud as they stepped up to the challenge to create more than 50 Thanksgiving cards and rainbow colored handprint turkeys to be delivered to the elderly to wish them a Very Happy Thanksgiving!

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World language students created Comic Strips to represent sentences written in Spanish. How cool is that?!
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