Memorial High Media Center

Welcome to the 2013-14 school year!

Our Mission

The Memorial High Media Center will be undergoing some amazing changes this year.

What will not change is the mission of this library (and all libraries):

1. The Memorial High Media Center will provide equitable access to information in all forms, and welcome all students and staff of Memorial High School. Neither the materials it provides nor the patrons it serves will be subject to any form of bias or act of exclusion.

This facility is to be considered a Safe Space for our students and staff members to occupy without fear of any violence, harassment, or acts of prejudice.

2. The Memorial High Media Center will provide information of such a quality that it contributes to the current learning initiatives of our school, as well as the lifelong learning of our students.

This facility will assist our teaching staff in shaping able learners, adept researchers, and information-empowered global citizens.

3. The Memorial High Media Center will facilitate such a process by providing high-quality information that presents a full range of perspectives on current and historical issues.

This facility intends to cultivate a global perspective in our students to better prepare them for lives and careers in an increasingly interconnected world.

4. The Memorial High Media Center will equip our students with the information and digital literacy skills necessary to finding, evaluating, and synthesizing such information to contribute to their own knowledge and share it with others.

This facility will provide both the access to information and also the means to effectively use it. Students and staff will be provided with a range a skills and tools in order to create college- and career-ready students.