E News from Room 172

February 2016

Lightning, and Blizzards, and Tornados, Oh My!

Kudos to the kiddos! They did a fantastic job on their weather videos. We started out the month of January learning about all the different types of weather, the water cycle, and completed many experiments. We watched weather videos on Discovery Education and video clips from The Weather Channel. Then the students chose which weather group they wanted to be in and chose their job. After, students worked small groups to write their scripts, practice reading their scripts, and practiced acting out their parts. Lastly, students practiced in the Green Screen Studio with Mrs. McCray, our Instructional Technology Facilitator, filming to see how they look on screen. Our students worked so hard that they finished filming in ONE Day!

Things to look for in each video:

Science vocabulary, how to stay safe during the weather, what to wear, a meteorologist, field reporter, anchormen, anchorwoman, interviews, hand gestures, enthusiasm, and tone of voice.

We hope you enjoy the videos as much as we did!