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What makes sacrificing something worth the loss?

What does sacrifice mean?

Sacrifice means giving something up in order to get something back that you think is worth it. If you had a goal you would have to sacrifice something in order to reach the goal.
Social Media: Sacrificing privacy for sake of success

Real World Example

A real world example that answers my question, is something we do every day and probably excel at. It’s social media, going on the Internet, watching YouTube, a thousand things in the 24 hours of the day. But what many of us don’t know is that while we think we are safe, we are sacrificing our privacy every time we go online. Maybe losing our privacy is worth people, who are complete strangers, knowing what we are doing 24/7. So yeah you might become famous but at what cost? When you can answer the question and still go on with the way your life is, then you know that the sacrifice you just made was worth it...for you.

Book A

Gone by Micheal Grant

“'I’ll protect you, Jack. but here’s the thing, from now on you belong to me.'”(Grant 336)

Gone addresses the question by showing that people have sacrificed their lives in a war between Sam and Caine, twin brothers, so that they might have peace and figure out why people over 15 years old are disappearing. The quote shows a different kind of sacrifice where sometimes people don’t have a choice and the sacrifice is sometimes worse than the loss.The sacrifice is from a boy named, Jack, a computer nerd giving up his freedom to Diana so he won’t get on the list. The list has some people who have powers, big powers, and Jack has one.

A Song

Kelly Clarkson Performs "Piece by Piece" - AMERICAN IDOL

Piece By Piece

The song Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson is a song about how her father left her and her mom when she was a kid. Once she got famous her dad came back but she couldn’t let him come back because he has to earn her trust. Her father sacrificed never getting to know his daughter and now that she is famous he can’t get just come back and pretend nothing has happened. In the song she also talks about how she now has a family without her father. Even then, everything is still worth the loss of him.

Book B

Need by Joelle Charbonneau

“Standing on the corner of Prairie and Ridge Streets near the streetlight, Byron Vanmeter looks down at the box in his hand. Now all he had to do is deliver it to Amanda Highlands house, take a photograph of it sitting on her doorstep, and post the picture on the NEED message board to prove the task has been completed.And when he feels a stab of worry at what might he contained inside as he posts a picture of the box on the website, he tells himself that if the box helps make Amanda sorry for lying to him, it’s no less than she deserves.”(Charbonneau 45 and 47) Need answers the question by showing that people will go to many means to get things that they “need”. They sacrifice their friends, family and so much more to get things they think they Need, that they think is worth it in the end. I picked the quote because it shows that Bryan sacrificed his pride when he asked Amanda out, and when he was rejected he planned revenge, giving her a box from NEED full of cookies with peanuts which is what Amanda is allergic to. In the end the loss was Amanda who died, showing that you should really think if sacrificing something is worth it.

Personal Example

My Personal Example

My personal example of sacrifice is sometimes I don’t eat breakfast. I’m sacrificing not eating food in the morning. Is it worth the loss of not eating and just staying hungry until lunch? Probably because I just get to be lazy and stay on my phone or computer. Another sacrifice I make daily is school lunch. Whenever there is school I have school lunch and sometimes I sacrifice not eating it for home lunch and most of the times it is worth it to just not buy lunch.

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Book C

Soldier X By Don Wulffson

“My mother and grandmother were Russians; with forged papers, they had emigrated illegally to Germany in the late 1920s. On June 22, 1941, we attacked Russia. My mother and grandparents now lived in terror of being found out.”(Wulffson 5) Solider X is addressing the question by showing that people will sacrifice their life for a few days of deception. It also shows that the sacrifice of young children was worth it to end the war in some people’s eyes. I picked the quote above because it shows how much a family can sacrifice knowing they could die if they were found out about who they are. Erik Brandt is a half-German, half-Russian boy who is in the war fighting for Germany against the Russians.

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