You Wanna Prevent Suicide? Good!

Shane Verken

What depression looks like.

Depression: feelings of severe despondency and dejection. In laymen's terms it is a person who sees no light at the end of the tunnel. They see no meaning in life.

Signs of depression

Verbal: things a depressed person would say

1. "I wish I were dead"

2. "I'm going to kill myself"

3. "Nobody needs me"

4."I just can't go on any longer"

5. ""My family would be better off without me"

Non-verbal: things a depressed person would do

1. Self-mutilation

2.Unexplained crying

3.Aggressive behavior

4.Giving away possessions

5.Truancy or running away

Why is it preventable

How its preventable:

1. If you show you care it will give them hope

2.Show them you understand their pain

3.Emphasize suicide is not the answer, It never is

4.Do not keep your meeting a secret

5.don't leave the person alone

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You need help? go here!

Where you can go for help

1. School guidance counselor

2. Suicide prevention websites

3.Suicide prevention hotline 1(800)-273-8255


5.Scenic Bluffs

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