Hurricanes NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hurricanes are the worst they destroy everything .You have to live in the streets and in parks.Your children might get lost and they will take them to a park that is full with kids and you might look for them but you can't find them.Some family members might die during the hurricanes and some families might be really sad because they will no longer be with them. Little kids will be sad even more than the grown up because they grow with out their family members.Cars,trees,houses, would be destroyed and the cars would be smashed into pieces trees would be in the flour.When you might be asleep the hurricane is destroying everything and you might not even now.When the hurricane is done you might not have stuff any more. During the hurricane it bring all lot of wind and it might pull you and separate you from your family and you might not find them and you well be alone in the street after the hurricane.when new born baby's might die because of the wind might be to cold for them and they can get fevers and can die during the hurricane.The buildings might be falling down.Little kids might be really scared because they don't know what is happening. Hurricanes are very scary sometimes it takes allot of time to stop it might takes days,weeks and more time.

SO THAT IS WHY HURRICANES ARE THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!