Bold School-Chapters 3&4

August 27th--Interactive Video & Questioning

Objectives for the Session

Learning Objectives:
  • Review Bold School Framework
  • Empower with Interactive Video
  • Strategically question learners

Success Criteria:

  • I understand the strategic plan of the Bold School Framework.
  • I can explain how students can be empowered with the strategic interactive video.
  • I understand how strategic questioning can elevate rigor and relevance in instruction.

Bell Work: Let's get started!

Open our RSM Bold School Microsoft TEAM.

Answer in the conversation space: How have you already set HIGH EXPECTATIONS with your students?

Positively respond to at least one other teacher!

Scar Stories

Don't Be an "Allison"--What's the moral of the story?

  • "Blended Learning Mistakes of your past can hurt. But you can either run from them or learn from them."
  • Mistakes are our feedback!

Microsoft TEAM for our Station Rotation

Station Rotation Explanations will be in our Files of RSMS Bold School TEAM.

Station 1: Interactive Video via Playposit

Station 2: Collaborative activity: Socratic Seminar via Nearpod

Station 3: Coach-Led Instruction with Mrs. Smith

Station Reflection

Closure--Mentimeter: 92 65 61

What HIGH EXPECTATION are you going to hold yourself to after today's session?

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