The Corley Cheer-Community Edition

September 2, 2022

Greetings Corley Community,

We are excited about the great celebrations and events that will take place during the month of September. Thank you for your continued support for our students and staff. We are so lucky to be able to partner with you as we work towards success with each and every Corley Patriot.

Please continue to let us know of any support that you may need. We hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

~Mrs. Duckworth

Congratulations To Ms. Blythers!

Important Dates

  • September 16th-Digital Learning Day

  • September 22nd-Title I Parent Meeting (9:00 AM)

  • September 29-Family Engagement Night (5:00 PM-6:30 PM)

Lunch Visitors

Corley Elementary will return to parent visitation during lunch. This will begin on September 6, 2022. As a gentle reminder, visitors must be approved in the system. Visitors that are not documented in Synergy will not be able to attend lunch. Due to limited seating, we ask that our Corley visitors attempt to only provide two visitors per student, if applicable.

While we do not have an assigned day for specific grade levels, we will begin the process of reviewing the cafeteria throughout the day. Corley Elementary will ensure that you are provided with the most up-to-date information as we begin this process.

Please refrain from bringing restaurant/fast food items into the cafeteria. Glass bottles and soda cans are also discouraged. Our cafeteria team has cultivated a delicious adult food area for you.

At the conclusion of lunch, each student will return to class. Parent visitors will be able to say their goodbyes in the cafeteria as the students exit the cafe. Corley students are not permitted to leave with visitors from the cafeteria, as they will need to follow protocol with the appropriate checkout measures.

School Safety Updates

Corley Elementary will have a new security feature that will be installed soon. Gwinnett County Public Schools is providing this to many of their locations. This new security feature is called, "glass vestibule" which will be an additional layer for visitor check-in at the front door. Construction will begin soon!

Thank you for your flexibility with the additional layers of security changes in GCPS. Many thanks to all visitors that use our school's Visitor Management System (VSM), as well as submitting identification through the Raptor.

Big picture

Corley Elementary is excited to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. This will take place from September 15th-October 15th. Our Corley students will be able to see Corley teachers and staff as they share information about their home countries on the morning announcements. Students will have the opportunity to decorate flags with pictures and drawings as they proudly showcase their country of choice. Students and staff will be able to listen to music and watch videos that connect to Hispanic Heritage Month. We will learn about the history, culture, food, and contributions of many people from the Hispanic community. The main hallway at Corley Elementary will have decorations that represent this exciting celebration. We are proud to celebrate this month with you!

Corley Clubs

We encourage our students in grades 2nd-5th to join our local Corley Clubs. We believe there is a great importance in each and every students having an opportunity to chose a club that connects to their interest. Students in grades Kindergarten and 1st grade will have choices soon!

Corley Spirit Wear

We are currently partnering with a local company to provide our school with more spirit wear opportunities for the students and staff. We encourage students to wear their spirit wear on each Friday. More information about new shirts are forthcoming.

College And Career Readiness

We encourage our Corley students to wear their favorite college shirts. Staff members will join your students with this as they wear their favorite team attire on the first Monday of each month. We will begin this initiative on September 12th. We will also focus on motivating our students for college and career readiness. We will have fun activities that will take place on morning announcements.

School Lunch

GCPS Students will have access to a meal (breakfast and lunch) throughout the year. However, due to the expiration of USDA Covid-19 waivers, students will now be charged for meals based on their individual eligibility for 2022-2023 School Year.

Therefore, student meals will return to full price at this time, or if desire, please complete a free/reduced lunch application on-line via our school website or in person during Open House.

Meal prices for elementary students below:

Student breakfast -$1.50

Student lunch -$2.25

Adult Breakfast -$2.50

Adult Lunch -$3.75