Hilltop Headlines

June 26, 2022

Serving this Week


Elders: Chad Mathews, Dan Cowan

Greeter: Rosanne Capdeville

Audio: Chad Mathews

Tech Director: Cody Stephens


Elders: Zach Preston, Michael Zinke

Greeters/Ushers: Sue Cowie, Jessica Preston

Parking Lot/Golf Cart: Mike Linebrink

Hilltop Cafe': Sona Holmstrom

Communion Assistants: Mike Cowie, Zach Preston

Connections Coordinator: Jenny Kinard

Presentation: Chelsea Whittington

Camera: Savanna Wilmoth

A Return of Our Blessings

Offerings/Electronic Giving: Home $10,282.65; General $12,284.78; Cemetery Fund $15; Major Repairs $100; Pam Hight Scholarship Fund $70; Capital Campaign $405; Sunday Attendance: 8am - 131; 10:45am - 272.

10% of General Funds go to the following organizations: TX Dist LCMS, The Caring Place, CHS Round Rock, LINC Austin, The Locker, Upbring, Faith in Action and Concordia University: $1,364.98

From Your Pastors

We know the summer months are popular times for traveling, especially with July 4th approaching. Remember you can always stay connected with your Zion church family in a variety of ways. In addition to keeping Zion in your prayer and devotional life, you can connect through our new and improved website or access worship services through social media. As Pastor Kevin challenged us last Sunday, consider setting aside 3 minutes in the morning, afternoon, and evening each day to spend some focused time with your Lord in prayer. God works His incredible power through the prayers of His people! In addition, Pastor Dave continues a Sunday morning study of the New Testament at 9:30 AM in the sanctuary.

During corporate prayers on Sunday, we have started to exclude the last names of most individuals for whom we pray. Since the worship services are essentially “broadcast” via the internet each Sunday, we want to be sensitive to protecting the privacy of individuals. More detailed information on individuals can be found on the prayer list found in the Hilltop Headlines, especially for individuals who want to send a card or note of encouragement to folks on the list.

We encourage you to continue keeping your pastors informed on how we can be a blessing to you and your family. Call (512.863.3065) or email the church office (church@zionwalburg.org) with any news to share. We look forward to seeing you in person as often as the Lord brings us together in the next few months! See you Sunday!

THE LESSONS THIS SUNDAY – Daniel 10-12 (especially 12.1-9); Revelation 12.7-12, Matthew 24.3-14. The sermon title: “That’s a wrap . . . roll the credits”.

Pastor Kevin & Pastor Dave

Senior Pastor Call Committee Update

June 16, 2022

Greetings Zion Congregation,

The Senior Pastor Call Committee continues to move forward seeking the next Senior Pastor for our congregation. At present, the committee is working to finalize a list of pastoral candidates that will be interviewed remotely. In the coming days, initial interviews will be scheduled and conducted. Following this, a small number of final candidates will be selected and invited to visit the Zion campus in person for interviews and various introductory activities.

The committee continues to solicit your prayers,

God’s blessings to you all,

Chad Mathews – Committee Chair

Landscape Improvement Fund

The Board of Trustees are beginning the process to provide new landscaping within the asphalt driveways surrounding the Sanctuary/Worship Center (new building) to the South parking lot. The costs are estimated to be around $180,000. Therefore, the Landscape Improvement Fund will be created as a new church dedicated account to help fund these efforts. Please prayerfully consider donating to the Landscape Improvement Fund to help cover these costs to beautify Zion’s campus.

Wurstbraten Memories

The Wurstbraten leadership would like to create a permanent memory of 50 years of Wurstbraten with a booklet of some kind and have asked Weldon Mersiovsky to spearhead and coordinate this project.

If you have any pictures, newspaper articles, or memorabilia you may want to contribute, a receptacle will be set up in the narthex. If you want them back, please put your name on it. We are especially interested in the first 20 years.

If you have any special memories, please send it to me by email or put it in the box.

If you would like to be part of the process to come up with the design and implementation please contact Weldon at 512-635-6429 or email at 49weldon72@gmail.com.

Strategic Planning Committee for Zion School Growth

The Zion Church Council has begun the process to research the means in which we can accommodate an increasing demand and opportunity to grow our school and spread the Word to the community and beyond. We are searching for members to join a 7-11 member committee who will bring together knowledge and experience in Education, Infrastructure, Architecture and a love for our Church and School. We are facing some initial obstacles to get the ball rolling, but we have some steps outlined to start. We would like to have this committee established by July 1 if possible. If you have recommendations or suggestions for candidates to serve on this committee, please include the following:



Affiliation (Current or Previous) with Church and School:

Please email recommendations to Kyle Johnson (kylej1981@icloud.com). Please put “Strategic Planning Committee” in subject line.

Bluegrass Sunday

Mark your calendars for Sunday, July 17 for Bluegrass Worship. Invite a friend and come enjoy the talented musicians that Zion has to offer!

Thank you!

Nancy Horton has provided flags to be distributed on each of the veterans graves in the Zion Cemetery during Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and July 4th each year. Eagle Scout Tyler Meyners has taken on the duties of putting these flags out on each of those holidays now going on 6 plus years! Thank you Nancy and Tyler for your ongoing unselfish acts of kindness that have brought great joy to many others!

Zion Family Camp Weekend 2022

Zion’s Mission Board is once again hosting a family camp weekend this fall. ALL are welcome to join in on the fun from Friday, October 7th through Monday, October 10th (Columbus Day weekend) at Bastrop State Park. The weekend will include fellowship, worship, food as well as ample free time for families to experience some of the wonderful activities Bastrop has to offer. A variety of options have been reserved for our group including RV and tent sites. In addition - breakfast and dinner each day are provided Saturday morning through Monday morning. The total cost per family is $50 per RV/tent site. Bastrop State Park is absolutely stunning and we are praying for many families to join us. Click the button below to RSVP by August 28th. Reserve your spot now before they are all gone! Please contact the Church Office, Pastor Kevin at 817-455-1594 or Patty Loutherback at 512-695-6140 for more information.


Communion Assistants Needed

If you are willing and able to be trained to assist the Elders with serving Communion at the 8am services on Sundays, please contact Bert Holmstrom at 512-635-0647 or bgholmstrom@gmail.com. Many hands make light work!

Camp Zion- Summer 2022 - Sign Up Now!

CAMP ZION 2022 – We are so excited for another Summer on the Hilltop.

If you have a child/children ages 4 to 12, they are eligible to participate.

June 27 – No Camp This Week!



July 18 – 22…SUMMER REWIND

Each week is filled with arts & crafts, teambuilding, Lego challenges,

cooking activities, field trips & Kona Ice. Registration begins March 1st.


7 am – 3 pm ($160/week)

7 am – 6 pm ($210/week)

Drop-Ins ($55.00/day)

Any questions, contact Director Rhonda Schwertner at


Or… call at 512.639.9449

Many thanks to all that have donated supplies to Camp ZIon!!

Elder Encouragement for June

There is no doubt that the world we live in is changing rapidly and by all appearances not necessarily for the better. Things that have historically been taken for granted now appear to be in perilously short supply. Food, fuel, housing, building materials, labor, and basic daily use items have been or continue to be scarcely available. Prices for many of these items, especially housing in our area, have risen to unprecedented heights. Rumored shortages fuel panic buying and situations that do not warrant empty store shelves result in them nonetheless.

Situations like these can be discouraging at the least and fear provoking at their worst. Of course, news travels very quickly today and the smallest of sensational news items are reported endlessly to bolster the ratings of all sorts of media outlets. Unless you live under a rock completely disconnected from the rest of the world it is all but impossible to tune out the negativity that surrounds us all.

The good news is that no matter what situation you may find yourself in help is right there with you all the time. Almost anything you name can fail at any time including the government, relationships, careers, health and so on. One thing that will never be on that list is God. The scriptures make this abundantly clear in many instances:

Deuteronomy 31:6

6 Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.

Matthew 28:18-20

18 And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

When times are difficult and problems seem insurmountable it is important to remember that God is truly right there with His children. He does not desert Christians in the difficult times or expect them to provide for themselves without His help or input. He can provide help in the most difficult circumstances imaginable when men are not capable of seeking, let alone, finding a solution.

While times are changing, there is nothing that is outside the control of God. Consider these examples:

No matter the difficulty man may find himself in, the seasons continue to change as they should and time moves forward. When you feel that the world may be spiraling ever downward consider the natural world and how it moves along almost completely unaffected.

Zion Lutheran School is growing at an unprecedented rate, to the point where additional facilities are going to be required to adequately house and educate those desiring to attend.

Zion is seeking it’s next Senior Pastor following the retirement of Pastor John. Losing a faithful servant after more than a quarter century can certainly bring about some consternation. However, there have been thirteen pastors in the history of this congregation and believe it or not some have served the congregation for well over a quarter century. At some point, each of these men have moved on from Zion and yet the congregation survives, adapts and moves forward. There is no doubt, this will be the case again with the help and direction of God.

This is just an encouragement to look to God during good times and bad, pray for His guidance, be thankful for His provision and remain confident in Him.

Blessings on Your Week,

Chad Mathews - Elder

Nursery Help Needed

Nursery workers are needed to help watch children on Sunday mornings from 9:30am-Noon. Contact Heather Faske if interested or for more information about this paid position: heather.faske@zionwalburg.org

Monumental VBS

As of today, Zion's Monumental VBS is full with 120 children registered to attend and 40 youth/adults helping. What an incredible blessing to be able to serve so many children here on our hilltop. Please pick up a prayer guide in the Narthex or Lobby and cover this ministry in prayer in the coming days ahead!

Rachel Mayberry, Director of Children's Ministry (rachel.mayberry@zionwalburg.org)

Thank You!

To the LWML members and anyone else who attended the Texas District Convention last week in Houston, I extend a huge thank you on behalf of Acts of Love Early Childhood Education Center. The LWML Texas District awarded AOL ECEC a $25,000 grant, which will allow it to have a greater impact on the population they serve! The LWML is chock full of amazing women who work diligently to raise tons of money for projects all over the globe! As an exhibitor representing Acts of Love, I met so many people who selflessly give of themselves to care for their neighbors. Thank you All for your passion and commitment!

AOL ECEC provides free Christian childcare for teen moms so they are able to complete high school when often they may drop out to care for their babies. This service helps to break the cycle of poverty for these families by raising the level of education for the current and future family generations.

The Lutheran Hour

Want a quick lift for the day? Go to lhm.org to find Daily Devotions. It should appear on the home page or you can click on Resources to get a drop down menu and then go to Devotions.

Lutheran Hour Ministries develops culturally relevant programs and resources to reach people in more than 60 nations who may not be familiar with the Gospel. Here are 2 examples to show how God has been using LHM recently to change lives around the world with His Good News.

Rosa has been an active supporter of LHM - Argentina for many years. She recently shared with LHM-Argentina staff that her daughter, who is going to school in another city, reads their daily devotions every day. The devotions give her strength and encouragement while she is busy with her daily life. Rosa also shared LHM-Argentina materials with her three nieces who do not go to church. Rosa is happy that her nieces want to learn more about Jesus, and she encouraged them to get involved with LHM-Argentina.

Jose is 20 years old and recently connected with LHM-Mexico. He shared his story with some staff members revealing that he struggles with addictions. The staff members encouraged him to reach out to a Christian counselor. He was open to the idea because he had heard the Gospel message at a rehab center he attended. He now meets with the counselor every week and signed up to participate in a weekly Bible Study, too. Jose is thankful for the LHM - Mexico staff and looks forward to learning more about Jesus.

Sermon Schedule

June 26

"Nurse Logs"

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Michael Zeigler

(Ecclesiastes 3:12)

You can listen to The Lutheran Hour on KLBJ on Sunday mornings at 7 a.m. or online at lutheranhour.org, through a mobile app, and on new media platforms like Spotify, iHeartRadio, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Sirius XM satellite radio.

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