Egyptian Art

Gods, Goddesses, and Pharoahs

main idea

Dates: 3,000 B.C.-300 B.C.

Egyptian art is highly symbolic and mainly consisted of paintings and sculptures.

Figures were not drawn based on the distance from how far they were from the astist but on their importance in the social hierarchy to clearly define it. Egyptian art was made with bright colors, and was supposed to create a sense of order and balance. The art consisted of clear and simple lines which was combined with simple shapes.

A great concern was put on the mode of representing man, nature, and the enviornment.

Main People /Locations

There are not many written documentations during the Egyption Period. Gods, Goddesses, and Pharaohs are the main subject for most Egyptian art. Egyptian art represented the highly religious nature of the Ancient Egyptian civilitaion. Various forms of Egyptian art have been found in the Nile River where the Ancient Egytian civilizations thrived.

Some Examples of Art


Facts about Egypt

-The ancient Egyptians had no word for “art” they viewed beauty and produced architecture, reliefs, paintings, murals, statues, decorative arts, and many crafts.

-Subjects in Egyptian art included gods, pharaohs, the Nile, gardening and everyday urban and rural life.

-Humans are presented in a kind of idealized form: healthy, young and content.

By Noah Keeton And Anna Evans