Spring PEAKS Testing

Ryan Middle School


Students will be testing in Math beginning tomorrow April 2nd from 9:30-11:55am. Please make sure your student arrives on time, well rested and ready to do their best.

Once testing begins students need to complete the section they are working on, if your child has an appointment in the morning please contact the office and speak to one of us.

Testing Days

Students will only test from 9:30-11:55 during testing days. This will allow students who need extra time to finish their test in the afternoon.

Students who are not testing will attend their regular classes. For example: a student who has 1st or 2nd period math will test on Tuesday 4/2 from 9:30-11:55 all other students will be in their scheduled classes during that time. On Wednesday 4/3, students who have math 5th or 6th period will test and all other students will be in their scheduled classes.

There will be no changes to afternoon classes or afterschool activities.

Testing Schedule

Students will take the PEAKS and science assessments during the following test windows:

Ryan Middle school will test students April 2 – 24, 2019.

Math Test will be in the morning from 9:30-11:55am
  • Tuesday 4/2 Math Periods 1 & 2
  • Wednesday 4/3 Math Periods 5 & 6
  • Thursday 4/4 Math Periods 3 & 4

English Test will be in the morning from 9:30-11:55am

  • Tuesday 4/16 English Periods 1 & 2
  • Wednesday 4/17 English Periods 5 & 6
  • Thursday 4/18 English Periods 3 & 4

Science Test will take place on Thursday 4/23 - 4/24 in Science classes.

● All students will have the opportunity to take makeup tests April 8-11 & April 22-25.

Contact you student’s school for more information.

Contact Information

Heather Stewart, Principal x13510

Petra Timmons, Assistant Principal x13511

Bruce Merritt, Counselor x13526

Kate LaSota, Counselor x13525

Ann Piek, Prevention Specialist x13530

Diana Dillard, Social Service Mgr x13518

Rachal Rice, Health Aide x13540 or 452-1229