James Tackett

Ceramics 1

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The Coil Pot

I created this Coil pot by first using the coil pot method. I started by making little thin clay lines and staking them up together by scoring them with a toothpick and water until I got up to six to ten inches. Next, when I reached the six to ten inches I went back over the pot and smoothed it out with my finger so most of the lines are not visible. Lastly, as I finished making the coil pot method I took it to the kilm room and had it hardened to have it what is now in the picture above.

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The Face Mug

I made this mug for the purpose to be able to drink out of it. The mug displays a face to add creativity and fun details to a regular mug. This piece was difficult to make for me. One of the hardest challenges in it was the handle because it kept repeatedly falling off. I had to go back over it and put more clay around it so it would hold on to it better. Next I slipped and scored it, making it finally stay. Overall if I could change something in this mug I would probably paint around the face a little more because there is some spots that are not painted fully.

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Critique #1 - Emma Marie Caldwalader-Guild - 'Free'

Description: in this piece I see a man tied up to a pole, looking down. The artwork is all orange in color. There is great detail in his muscle tone and his physical features.

Analysis: It is not a glazed piece, it has been painted. The physical characteristics of the man domiate the sculpture.

Interpretation: Based on the clues collected I believe this piece portrays suffering and sadness of a man. This artwork communicates the mood of gloom.

Judgement: This artwork, in my opion, is a successful piece. It is successful because it does a good job of portraying sadness. It is also successful because of the fact of how well detailed it is. Almost every physical charateristic of a human shows on the sculpture.

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Critique #2 - John DeWeese Pottery

Description: In this artwork it has a plad black coloring to it with a little reflection of gold at the top. This also looks like a very old piece with the cracks in the side of the piece.

Analyisis: The elements that dominate this piece of artwork is a very smooth bottom piece that is glazed. Also the abstract structure on top.

Interpretation: Based on the picture I believe that it is a basket. The basket displays a lot of detail by the rough and indented edges around the top of the piece. The color

Judgement: To me this is a successful piece. I think this is a really cool piece of artwork by the way everything is layed out. There is so much detail that makes you study it way more than you would than studying a normal basket.