Stress In School

Aleesha Johnson

What does school related stress mean to you?

What does school related stress means to other kids?

"I felt so much pressure at school, that I often like crying and screaming all the time" -Sharon, United States

(Jehovah's Witness)

"... I take no extra activities, because I don't have time" -Utah

(Great Schools)

"I personally have seen so many of my close friends break- into emotional, physical, mental- under stress..." -Hannah O'Brien

(Coping With Stress)

Causes of Stress in Teenagers and Real-life Solutions

So why is this bad?


These are the short term reaction:

Lack of sleep ~> Perform poorly in school ~> Became overwhelmed

Long term ones? MUCH MUCH worse:

Chronic Headaches, Anxiety disorder, Mood Swings, Heart attack due to blood pressure issues

Stress more often also leads into depression and the wanting to end their own life.

"Suicide rate [in teens] due to stress is about 12 in every 100,000

Teenagers and Stress

How to fix this?

Well the first way to prevent is to watch for it. Watch for the symptoms, so it can be dealt early on.


-Negative or depressed feelings

-Increased emotional reactions


-Loss of motivation or self confidence

Another way is to find a way to release stress.
How can we do that? Find a thing that we enjoy doing, and make room to do it. TO "make room" we have to learn time management.


The school should provide us some time during the day to meditate, listen to music, draw, dance, or whatever that make us release our stress. Once a week or so should be able to take classes on time management, or watch an effective video on it.

Teenagers and Stress, part 2