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What an amazing start to 2019! We love seeing our teachers working hard to create meaningful learning for our students. Frenship students are stepping up to the challenge every day and making great strides! Keep up the hard work!


Cindi Cobb

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction

Cancer Research Shared at FHS Cancer Conference

Michelle Stuart’s PreAP biology students presented their cancer research at the 2nd annual FHS cancer conference. Mrs. Stuart’s students chose a form of cancer to research, prepared a research poster, and presented their findings to their peers. While the project certainly had connections to biology content standards, students also made relevant connections on how this information is important to their own lives. Student presentations conveyed a consistent message to their peers to lead a healthy lifestyle, avoid smoking, and take precautions when spending time in the sun. Great job, biology students!

8th Grade Social Studies Cooperative Learning

Melissa Moberg, one of the 8th Grade Social Studies teachers at Frenship Middle School, uses a cooperative learning game to help her students gain mastery of critical content. All of the 8th Grade Social Studies teachers across the district have collaborated in created these games this year to use as they spiral content with their students each six weeks. Their students are engaged in these activities and have enjoyed the opportunity to apply what they have learned.

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Accounting with M&Ms??

Accounting 1 students learned about closing entries in the accounting cycle. Students used M&M’s to represent the balances in various accounts. Students moved candy from each account to represent them being closed and the balance set to zero for the next accounting period.

Let's Chat!

Eighth grade ELAR students at Heritage Middle School are reading with a purpose – to chat with their classmates! Students are reading self-selected novels and discussing the books in small groups with their peers using Microsoft Teams. Teams allows students to communicate about literary elements such as conflict, plot and character easily with students in other class periods and adds the element of writing to the discussion.

Giddyup, Cowboy!

Algebra 1 teacher, Shari Hallett, dresses up as a cowboy to help introduce new learning about exponents. By becoming the character and telling a story, Mrs. Hallett provides an opportunity to make connections. By using relevance and authenticity, students can associate rules and procedures necessary for this difficult concept.

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Relay the Message

TVMS 6th grade dual language students are using the learning strategy “Relay the Message” to become experts on the Cradle of Civilization. Students work in collaborative groups. The runner from each group reads the assigned paragraph and then runs back and forth to the group to relay the message understood and continues to do so based on the time given. Once the time runs out, the group takes the information provided by the runner to then summarize it as a group and present to the rest of the groups.