Vocabulary Presentation #6

Maddie Ellis

Because of the havoc that OCD wreaked on Amy's life, she had to learn to _________ her compulsions into more constructive tasks.

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tr. v. and intr. v. to turn aside an instinctual or primitive impulse in favor of more acceptable activity


sub L. under
limen L. threshold


sublimation n.


repress, divert, suppress, transfer, redirect


Sublimation originally was a psychology term, referring to a Freudian defense mechanism, where impulses are redirected to another task or focus, allowing the individual to function normally in society. For example, someone who wants to overeat, might become a chef.


Sublimation is also a phase change, where matter changes from a solid to gaseous phase, without first becoming a liquid. For example: dry ice

Which sentence uses sublimate or one of its forms incorrectly?

a. Janice's impulses to kill sublimated into a surgical career.
b. The chemistry students took notes on the sublimation that occurred during the lab.
c. Theresa attempted to sublimate her desire to overeat by eating more.
d. Jane's new years resolution was to sublimate her affinity for Coke into drinking more water.


linger, hold