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Roberta Wallerstedt 09/11/2020

School Kit Pick-Up Thank You!

I'd like to thank all of the staff and the PTA for making our school kit pick-up organized and fun. The drive up was smooth and students had the opportunity to see many staff members. The PTA created an incredible ice cream truck drive-thru that was a big hit for students & parents and the picture wall was a great way to get a snapshot of this very unusual start to our year. Although we did get some rain during the second half of the pick-up, I still felt that Park View spirit. Thank you to everyone who put in time and effort to make this event successful. Remind your child(ren) to keep their school kit materials together so they can access them during learning and remind them not to use them as toys. It is important the students have access to those materials daily while they are remote learning.

Having a Growth Mindset

Learning is like training for a sport. It takes time, struggle and practice. Learning is not knowing all the answers. Learning is not always easy. So at Park View we tell our panthers mistakes are good because that's when the opportunity to learn happens. We sometimes cheer for a mistake because it's an opportunity to learn. We call learning a team sport because peers can teach us too. That's really fun! So when your child is struggling, remind them that is good because now they can learn. Let them know that always having the answers is not real. No one knows all the answers. This is what Growth Mindset is and it's important because it builds stamina to learn challenging concepts AND it builds confidence in being a learner. Don't give your kids the answers because that can create the opposite - a lack of confidence and no stamina to learn complex concepts. The best learners are the ones who make mistakes and keep reaching for understanding because they know this is the process of building their brain muscle and being a Park View Panther!!

New Office Procedures - Reminder

If you need to pick up items from the office call ahead and we will set up a time with you. Then we will put the item(s) you are picking up in the vestibule labeled with your name. Sue will buzz you into the inner entrance to collect your item(s). If you are coming in for an appointment, remember to contact Sue first to tell her who the appointment is with and a day/time you would like to come. She will either confirm with you or give you additional day/times. Once your appointment is confirmed she will send out a COVID self-certification that you can bring with you to the appointment, or she can have one ready for you to fill out in the vestibule before entering the office area. This is to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Remembering 9/11

Today we remember the people who lost their life on 9/11, those who fought to protect our country, and those who fought and died protecting our country. Remembering is the way we honor them knowing that their permanent place in history changed forever who we are. We owe them our gratitude!

District Parent Handbook Now Available

"Inside Our Schools", our parent handbook for District 44, is now available. Please click here to review this year's update.

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