Moore, Oklahoma

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Features in moore

Moore is not near any mountains. There is no oceans in Oklahoma but there is a large body of water called Lake Tenkiller. Tenkiller is known as the state's "heaven is the hills." The effect the lake has on the temperature is that large bodies of water tend to make it warmer outside because the Sun's radiation plays a big role in heating the water up. Large bodies of water usually get evaporated during the Summer, thats why droughts occur often in the Summer. If Moore was moved toward an ocean, the city would would no longer experience tornadoes but would experience hurricanes. The temperature of Moore would be colder in the Winter and hotter in the Summer.

Weather in Moore

Wind in Moore was very calm, going from North to South at only 7 mph. Precipitation was very low in Moore, at only 20-35%. But on Thursday the precipitation went 10% higher to about 43%. The air was very moist on Thursday but every other day of the week outside was barely dry. At 60% the whole week humidity happens to always be high in Moore.

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My cousins live in Moore, they have lived there for over 10 years. Over the past year my cousins have experienced many tornadoes because of where they live, right in the middle of tornado alley in Oklahoma. I've talked to my cousins a lot recently because of the project going on. They have had very funky weather where they live this is what my cousins said, "One day was very chilly and dry and the next day was very humid and wet. We can never know what the weather is actually going to be because it changes so often." My predictions on Moore's weather was very inaccurate. I said the weather was going to be in the 40's and 50's the whole week, but the weather turned out to be between the 20's-30's Saturday-Wednesday and in the low 50's on Thursday and Friday on the week on March 1st.


The climate in Oklahoma can change very easily, thats why the lowest climate in Spring is around 41 and the highest climate in Spring is around 83. The equator is far from Moore, the equator is about 1,000 miles away from Oklahoma. The latitude affects the wind because of where the wind is coming from. Oklahoma is far from the equator so winds won't be as strong. Oklahoma is not prone to hurricanes because they are not near an ocean, but Oklahoma is very prone to tornadoes. Oklahoma is right in the middle of tornado alley. Moore has had more than 90 tornadoes occur in the last 60 years.

More about Moore

Moore is located almost right is the middle of Oklahoma. The temperatures the week of March 1st was about 35-50 degrees, than there was a freezing drop to 13 degrees on Friday the 8th.