BLT Positive Behavior Framework


On Dec 8th the taskforce met again for Session 2


The purpose of this task force is to be a catalyst in initiating a needs assessment based upon the current reality at Earle Brown regarding the social-emotional-behavioral needs of our students matched with the available framework and resources. The focus of the task force was to determine short term initiatives and practices to be implemented this school year (beginning January 2016), as well as provide recommendations and guidance for the work of long term systemic adaptive change in developing the common language, culture and framework needed for Earle Brown.


1. We started with watching Simon Sinek's TED Talk How Great Leaders Inspire Action - also known by many as - Start with why?

If you have not watched the video lately I highly encourage you to watch. This framework is one that can help us as we move forward in redefining discipline/behavior management at EB.

2. The group then spent time identifying short term action items for a January implementation and identifying long term recommendations.


If we want lasting change that becomes organizational memory and is beyond any one person we need to spend some time defining our why?

My own personal why when it comes to social emotional learning is - social learning is as important as academic learning and through social learning we can accelerate academics for students.

Because of this why I have some strong convictions around my role as a teacher and what I expect from students and I expect from myself.

1. Students should have voice in the classroom and should be taught how to use their voice to express and advocate for themselves

2. Students should be taught how to have choice and provided meaningful choice

3. Students have a right to be validated often

4. I do not know to what level any student can learn - learning is transemperical

5. Classroom routines and rituals are critical in promoting autonomy and independence

One of Longer Term goals is to explore the Why behind discipline/behavior management at EB and because of our Why what beliefs do we have and what actions will be take as the adults in the building.

Short Term and long Term action steps

These represent the WHAT we will do and HOW these actions will be accomplished

Short term

  • “ IMA” (See below)

  • mentor program

  • golden tray

  • golden plunger led 5th grader ambassadors

  • Social Skills Groups-needs assessed

  • MTSS PLC’s

  • If/Then- email (See below)

  • SUBstantial awards (See Sherrill previous e-mail)

  • Monday Morning Motivational Message - With guest celebrities

  • Perfect Attendance Tracking

Long Term
  • How to provide grade level time to celebrate

  • Discipline referral slips?

  • Documentation of Minors and Majors

  • Whole building definition of our “Why”

  • Entire development of Positive Behavior Framework

What in the world is "IMA" or If/Then or We listened and We heard

"IMA" - International-Minded Attributes (A working title) - A proactive strategy

“Good Slips- IMA”S”- coming back into the action- using any form we have - needs a new name- we believe that part of us teaching students is we need to recognize students for what they are doing well and use these as teachable moments. The ongoing work of staff necessarily the direction the most staff want to go based on feedback, but a better name has yet to be created.

IMA's will begin after winter break

If/Then - A reactive strategy

A flow chart clarifying the reactive consequences that should happen for certain behaviors and who is responsible for making sure this consequence happens: Student Support Team, Dean or AP/Principal.

More details to come ....