Stop the Utopia

The Giver, Divergent, The Hunger Games, they all have something in common, they are all attempts at a utopian society. They all have another thing in common, none of them succeeded. Utopian societies have never worked before, so my opinion is that the government should stop trying to make a perfect society. When the government tries to control the citizens and make them all the same, a utopian society fails.
Adding on to my thesis, the government is trying to tell the people what to do and how to act. The people never will like being told what to do, so they always decide to rebel and try to take over the government. In the book 1984 the government is trying to create a perfect society and they tell people what to do. The people don't like that, skin there are telescreens making sure that they follow the very strict rules set by the government. "The telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously" (Orwell 2). The telescreen is always watching the people and the people don't like that. The people feel like it is an invasion of their privacy and they want the government to take away the telescreens. The people of that community realize that the government is doing bad things to the people who broke rules that don't make sense, so they decided to rebel. When people decide to rebel they are trying to take over the government and make it better for themselves. Also, in the book Fahrenheit 451 the government tries to control the people without them knowing that they are being controlled. Montag, the main character, had to burn books for a living because they held memories of the past and the government didn't want those good memories. "It was a pleasure to burn" (Bradbury 1). The government is trying to make the people do what the government says, so Montag does not know that he is doing anything wrong. This leads to the people rebelling against the government.
In the end, it is obvious that a utopian society will probably never work, so the government should stop trying to make one. The people all have different ideas of what is perfect and the government is making what they think is perfect. This is what leads to a rebellion and the people take over the government. A utopian society will never work, so stop trying to make one and focus on making ours better.
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