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Weekly Update for Families: December 5th

Updates & Friendly Reminders

Holiday dress up days begin on Monday! We are excited to get in the spirit of the season. Each classroom has also chosen a country to represent how they celebrate the upcoming holidays. We are excited to tour the world and learn more about how other people around the world celebrate!

Reminder: We have an early release on Friday at 11:10.

Cold weather reminder: As we prepare for the weather in the midwest to change, we want to communicate our plan for possible inclement weather days (snow days). Last year we used an eLearning Day for our inclement weather days (snow days). After a discussion within the district about the benefits and obstacles of this practice, we have decided that inclement weather days will be emergency days this year. Students will not have any academic tasks on inclement weather days (snow days). If we cancel school due to inclement weather, we will add a day to the end of our school calendar. The district will communicate the last day of school once the winter season is over. This will allow us to maximize our in-person learning days for students.

Our next round of attendance reminders will be going out soon. Please know that we are aware that there has been a great deal of illness so our numbers are certainly up, but it is still our policy to update you. Doctors notes are helpful to excuse absences, so if you have those, please send them in or drop them off. Thank you to all who have done so so far! Please note that no call in or unreturned calls are mark as unexcused.

Donations are coming in for Franklin Mall! Thank you SO MUCH! Please check out the information below!

Look for our Woodbury Tree on display at the Festival of Trees this weekend! Each classroom made ornaments to go on the tree. Thank you to our Woodbury PPA for setting up the tree!

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The City of Sandwich is asking that our parents/guardians be mindful when parking in the residential area around the school, avoiding parking on parkways/grass of neighbors in order to avoid tearing up grass. Thank you for your help in this matter.

Our little school is in need of donations of new/gently used basic sweatpants/leggings and new underwear for both girls and boys for our extra clothes closet in sizes 6-14. If you know anyone looking to donate please send them our way! Thank you!

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Holiday Book Fair

Dear Parents and Families:

Get ready! The Scholastic Book Fair is coming our way (YAY!). Choosing their own books empowers kids and inspires them to become Bolder, Prouder, and Stronger Readers. AND—as always—every book they buy earns rewards for our school.

Here’s what you need to know about the Fair, which will take place from December 5th through December 9th from 7:30 to 3:30.

This year, say goodbye to cash and hello to eWallet—your child’s digital payment account. Before the Fair, set up eWallet for worry-free, cash-free purchases. Anyone can contribute! Share each child’s eWallet so friends and family can add funds and give your kids more books to enjoy.

If you can’t make it to the Fair, then shop at our school’s Online Book Fair. All orders ship directly to your home, and shipping is free for book orders over $25. Your online orders will also benefit our school.

Visit our Book Fair homepage to learn more and get started with eWallet and online shopping:

Woodbury is collecting non-perishable items for the families in need over the holidays. Donations of BOXED or canned foods can be donated now until December 9th.

To help fill our Franklin Mall donation box, we will have a raffle for a shopping spree at our book fair. For every 3 items donated and brought down to the Learning Center, the student’s name will be put in a drawing for a $10 shopping spree at our Holiday Book Fair. There will be 5 lucky winners!!!

The countdown to more Bookjoy is on! Catch you at the Fair!

Happy reading,

Mrs. Ballas

Check out out great work!

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Practicing Patience!

Waiting is not easy! The students below were recognized for practicing and demonstrating patience here at school. Patience is a skill that can be learned and practiced, and it is a result of choosing to emphasize thinking over feeling. It continues to grow as we age and mature and practicing and seeing others model patience helps our ability to utilize it and grow!
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Kindergarten: Landon Newberry, Jamar Chatman, Austin Goldsmith, Riley Bailey (not pictured)
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1st Grade: Sawyer Kotora, Paizlyn Baumann, Nixy Grandgeorge, Tyler Nelson
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2nd Grade: Leslie Quinones (not pictured), Lucas Fiscal, Avery Salmieri, Ella Stewart (not pictured)
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3rd Grade: Louis Weber, Holden Rogers, Gloriana Stout

Repectful Classroom Alert

At the beginning of the year we focused on showing respect toward our learning environment. This week we are shining the spotlight on Mrs. Rogowski's First Grade classroom and Mrs. Mathis' Kindergarten classroom. Boy, can they walk a hall! They always keep in mind that as they travel through the building, other classrooms and students are busy learning. Way to go!
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Dates to Remember

12/1: Art After School

12/5: Holiday Book Fair

12/8: Art After School

12/9: Early Release 11:10, School Improvement

12/13: School Board meeting 7:00 p.m.

12/15: Art After School

12/16: Fox Valley Therapy Dogs

12/19/12/20: Breadmaking

12/21: Early Dismissal 1:10, Holiday Sing Along


Such a great perspective shared from the Oswego 308 Collaborative! We don’t have to be perfect parents/educators/caregivers to be good ones. Showing simple support and love can build kids up to learn resilience skills! These are great suggestions/comments to consider when working with children. We are resilient!
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News from the Nurse

Dental Reminder

Completed Dental Exam forms are required for current Kindergarten and second grade students by May 15th. If you are unable to obtain the required dental exam, please complete the Dental Exam Waiver.

Healthy Sleep for the HOLIDAYZZZZ

Make the most of the season by staying well-rested with these science-based sleep tips:

  • Kids 12 and under need at least 9 hours of sleep each night.

  • Try to keep a consistent sleep schedule by having your family go to bed and get up at the same times every day, even on holiday breaks.

  • Avoid caffeine and avoid large meals right before bed.

  • If you want to nap over the holiday break, aim for a 20-minute nap, which experts say is the best time length to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

  • We sleep better when the room is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit (65-70 degrees for babies and toddlers).

  • Make sure to stay active over the holidays, as physical activity during the day can facilitate better sleep at night.

  • Turn all screens off at least an hour before bedtime.

For more health sleep ideas, visit

Lost & Found

Our lost and found is still full of items! A friendly reminder to have your student collect their items and bring them home. Items left unclaimed after the new year will be donated. (click photos to enlarge)

Franklin Mall Christmas Project

Dear Woodbury Families,

Woodbury is once again supporting the Franklin Mall Christmas Project. The Franklin Mall Project was founded by the late Frankie and Peg Mall over 65 years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Mall would buy and deliver groceries for struggling families over the Christmas holiday. As time passed the Sandwich Lions Club took over this wonderful project. Each year the project provides for about 250 households in Sandwich, many with school-aged children, with a box of groceries and a generous gift card.

Woodbury is collecting non-perishable items for families in need over the holidays. Donations of boxed or canned foods as well as shampoos and other toiletries can be donated now until December 8th. Woodbury will also be hosting our Holiday Book Fair from December 5th to December 9th. To help fill our Franklin Mall donation boxes, we will have a raffle for a shopping spree at our book fair. For every 3 items donated and brought down to the Learning Center, the student’s name will be put in a drawing for a $10 shopping spree at our Holiday Book Fair. There will be 5 lucky winners!!!

If you are looking for suggestions of donations, The Lions Club has found that they usually have a shortage of certain basic items such as: boxed macaroni & cheese; cereals & other breakfast items; peanut butter & jelly; spaghetti noodles & sauce; boxed potatoes/stuffing/hamburger helper; and canned fruit. Typically they receive an overabundance of canned soups and vegetables.

Thank you for helping us plant kindness by helping those in need in our community!

Support our Woodbury PPA with Amazon Smile!

Friendly reminder as you prepare for the holidays and all year long. Be sure to set up Amazon Smile and support our Woodbury PPA Community!

Additionally, PPA has created a GiftCrowd for staff for the holidays. A flyer will go home, but please check out the details below.

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District News

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Superintendent's Notes

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