November 2018

Transitional Transfer Requests Open

November 1, 2018 at 7:30 a.m. the 2019-2020 Transitional Transfer (TT) Requests open for parents of 5th to 6th grades and 8th to 9th grade student to select a middle or high school that is different from their home attendance area building.

Be aware these requests can be accepted by your building principal beginning day one. You as a site secretary for grades 5th and 8th will be getting the email workflow showing a student in your building has been accepted as a 2019-2020 transfer for the next school year. You should mark the child's next school year appropriately, and uploading the approved TT form into the student paperclip on eschool. Thank you in advance for helping make this possible.

The window for TT requests will be closed on Friday November 30, 2018 at 4:30 p.m. If you have questions for concerns, please call Ann White at 523-0230 or 75430.

Immediate Transfers and Warning Letters

It is about that time of year when transfer students have received one or more warning letters about attendance or behavior and are on the verge of a letter of revocation. A few friendly reminders.

Our warning letters are electronic. Please use these. It makes your job easier, and it makes it easier for us to explain the revocation to the parent if they call complaining. The computer does the mathematical calculations on attendance letters and keeps track of those students who have improved their attendance since the first attendance warning letter.

Generating the letter is simple. In the Eschool menu select My Eschool Plus>Reporting>Cognos>ESchoolPlus Reports>Transfer Student Reports>select 1st, 2nd or Notice of Transfer Revocation. In the example below, the administrator will select their building, determine warning type, most select attendance/behavior. This system allows you to customize your letter. If the letters are for a high school, you will be given two choices for grade level.

If you select punctuality, it will tabulate tardies or student arriving late to school.

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Recording Warning Letters

It is simple and easy to recording warning letters into the student's eschool screen.

Once the letters have been generated, the administrator will go into the student eschool screen, and click on Registration on the menu>Student District Defined>Transfer Revocation. Then put the date of the letter and select the reason. This method of information tracking simplifies the warning letter procedures.
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Burning Question about Transfer Warning Letters

Question: How often do I issue warning letters for attendance?

Answer: Most administrators check their transfer student's attendance percentages every 3-4 weeks. The beauty of the electronic system, is that it omits a student's name from a second attendance warning letter if they have improved their attendance since the first letter was issued.The bar for attendance is set at 95% attendance. The standard expectation for behavior for transfer student's is to have zero ISS/OSS consequences.

Question: I have a student who received both an attendance and a behavior letter when I queried the system. What do I do, issue two warning letters, one for attendance and one for behavior?

Answer: Select the behavior warning letter, and to be fair, check attendance later on a week or so later.

Question: I ran my attendance warning letters. Two transfer students have 93.7% and 94% attendance percentages and a letter was created. Do I send the letter on these students with percentages like this?

Answer: An administrator has discretion about sending attendance letters when a transfer student has attendance range near 95%.

Question: I have a transfer student who has 72% attendance. I sent the first warning letter home. I know the student could not be at 95%, but when I searched the system for the next round of attendance warning letters, the student's name did not show up on another letter. What is going on?

Answer: The computer calculates percentages from the last attendance warning letter. It is more than likely that the student in question has improved attendance percentages, although mathematically, the student may not be at 95%, but has improved. That is what we are looking for.

Question: I issued a transfer warning letter for behavior less than 10 days ago, and the student has collected another discipline resulting in ISS/OSS. Do I send another letter even though is less than two weeks apart?

Answer: Yes, one of the agreements that parents of transfer students signed off on was their student would maintain good attendance, and be a good citizen with no ISS/OSS disciplines. To be consistent with the transfer guidelines, Issue the next warning letter.

Question: When is it appropriate to revoke an elementary school student?

Answer: That depends. An elementary student can be revoked at most anytime due to the fact that they do not collect credits toward graduation like high school students do. An administrator can review the calendar/class events, and determine an appropriate time for the child to attend their home school.

Question: What about timing for revocation of a high school transfer?

Answer: Typically at semester or end of the school year. Class credits toward graduation are impacted negatively if you revoke prior to those times in the calendar year.

As always, if you have questions, call 523-0230.

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Volunteers and Volunteer Hours

Our school volunteers are off to a great start and have logged in excess of 4835:45 hours of service to our students and staff since July 1, 2018. We feel honored to have 3832 eligible volunteers for our district for this school year.
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