Niman Ranch Pork Company

A Company with Humane Standards

Setting a Standard and Holding the Team to it.

Working throughout the years to establish itself as a gold standard in the meat industry, Niman Ranch, a beef, lamb, and pork company, set that standard through their treatment of their animals. Their extensive network of independently owned farms and ranches, all raise their livestock according to the standard that Niman Ranch set in the beginning for themselves and all associated with their business.

Their standards and protocols are one of the strictest in the United States. Many of their protocols and standards were heavily influenced by the experts in the animal field. In the development of the famous humane animal treatment, the animal welfare expert Dr. Temple Grandin was brought in to aid Niman Ranch. The Dr. played a part in the development of the Niman Ranch protocols.

Beef, lamb, and pork company, Niman Ranch Pork Company has created a three step system that includes all of their network farms and ranches, which numbers well over seven hundred. The first step is introduction into the Niman Ranch network. There is a rigorous inspection of the land before it is able to be connected to the beef, lamb, and pork company. The experts of Niman Ranch complete part one. The second step happens after the farmland is accepted into the company network.

The farm is reevaluated, but this time by the field agents that regularly check the order of the farm for Niman Ranch. The Third step is the signing of the affidavits. All farmers and ranchers who agree to follow all of the protocols established by Niman Ranch sign these regularly.

Creating the Protocols

Niman Ranch is a beef, lamb, and pork company that puts all of its members in their network through processes to ensure that protocols are being followed. Though it may seem rigorous to others, and there are moments where it can be for the farmers and ranchers working with Niman Ranch, but the benefits of being able to provide some of the best product in the industry is well worth some hard work.

The protocols of Niman Ranch are not random strategic ideas thrown at the land workers in the network of the company. The company focuses on standardize in their network a sustainable and humane way of farming. They see their protocols and processes as an avenue to benefit everyone in their supply chain. Thus when the beef, lamb, and pork company, Niman Ranch establishes a new protocol for their network to follow, they bring in the experts to first discuss and give solid reasoning for the application of the process.

One of the experts that beef, lamb, and pork company, Niman Ranch has brought in is Dr. Temple Grandin. Dr. Grandin is an animal welfare expert. He is given credit for developing in part the protocols that Niman Ranch has for the treatment of their animals. Wanting the livestock on the land of their network members to be treated humanely, the beef, lamb, and pork company put into protocol many of the ideas of Dr. Temple Grandin. Niman Ranch believes that healthy livestock leads to healthy products for their clients to enjoy.

Nine Suggestions Niman Ranch Gives for Sustainable Ranching and Farming Practices

Beginning in 1970, the beef, lamb, and pork company Niman Ranch has been practice environmentally friendly, humane, and sustainable practices of farming on their land and the land of their network members. Well aware of the rise of eco friendliness in the market and in the nation today, Niman Ranch provides these tips for farmers and ranchers who are looking to find farming practices that are better than what they are doing now.

1. Farmers should mitigate soil erosion through crop rotation and rotational grazing

2. Niman Ranch suggests prohibiting the use of concentrated liquid manure systems

3. Ranchers should utilize buffer strips and grassed waterways.

4. The beef, lamb, and pork company suggests promoting agricultural biodiversity by using breeds that are uniquely suited for their specific environment

5. Landowners should practice genetic diversity in order to keep their breed healthy over the generations of the animal

6. Farmers should raise their livestock in strategic geographical locations where sources of feed are readily available to rescue the impact of feed transport on the environment

7. The company provides a premium for those who are in accordance to the strict regulations of the business.

8. Niman Ranch sets a floor price for the farmers that is tied to the cost of inputs of feed and fuel.

9. Beef, lamb, and pork company, Niman Ranch provides a growing marketplace for the livestock.

Niman Ranch Pork Company aims to be a model for other farms and ranches who are looking to become more ecofriendly and establish practices that are better for the environment. The beef, lamb, and pork company of over forty years has been making the food industry better tasting through their mouth-watering meats that they make using their better farming practices.