Red Panda

By: Jacob Marconi


Whoosh! What was that? It was red, brown, white and looked like a raccoon! Oooh! It was a red panda. Let's go see them and learn about them. The red pandas are sooooo cute. They get the name red panda because they red and eat bamboo. Another animal that eats bamboo is the panda.

Appearance & Classification

The red panda is a mammal. The red pandas size is about 1.5 to 2 feet. That's the size of a raccoon. The tail adds a additional 1.5 feet to its body length. The red panda's weight is about 10 to 20 pounds. WOW, that's a lot for a raccoon like creature. The red panda's height is about the same as a large house cat. The red panda's colors are red, brown and white. The red panda's skin cover is fur. A interesting body feature is a extended wrist bone that acts just like a thumb. Scratch, Scratch! What was that ? It was a red panda's paw. It has sharp nails scratch! The red panda also bites their predators.

Habitat Information

The red panda lives in the Himalayas. The Himalayas are cold in the winter and hot in the summer. They live in a high altitude mountain forest. The red pandas live in trees. Red pandas do not sleep on ground or floor.

Predators and Prey

The red pandas predators are snow leopards and martens. Humans also kill red pandas for their fur. The red pandas prey are small birds, eggs, acorns, fruit, and small animals. They also eat bamboo leaves, berries, roots, blossoms and the leaves of various plants. The red panda is a omnivore.

Fascinating facts

The red panda has a wrist bone that acts just like a thumb to hold bamboo. A female red panda will give birth in spring or summer wow! that's a long time. The red panda is actuly a raccoon not a panda as many think. Red pandas live and sleep in trees. Red pandas only eat meat from small bird and prey.


Red pandas are endangered. We need to protect them. They have to be saved before they are extinct. Do you want to help protect them? I certainly do!