sammy davis jr.

The greatest entertaner in the world

Begging of Sammy davis's career

Was born on december 8 1925.

His parents were very famous and he stared his career at the age of 3 years old.

And as he got older he performed in the "will mastin trio" with his father

The major part of Sammy davis jr's career

After WW2 sammy davis went back to new york to resume his career.But Then he decided to go solo.But a few years later almost died in a car crash and rewand his left eye.

He got married in 1960 to a sweadish actris may britt

The end of sammy davis jr's career

The last movie he preformed in was "TAPS"

He stared in the movie with greg hines who was also a very famous tap dancer just like sammy davis jr was. And it was filmed a year before he died of cancer.