Artemis Fowl: the Lost Colony

by Eoin Colfer

Fantastic Fantasy

This book is written in fantasy as it involves fairies and demons.
Artemis Fowl is a criminal-hero who starts in Barcelona where he finds a demon materializing, who takes Artemis. Artemis then travels to Italy along with Holly Short, a fairy-friend of Artemis, and finds another demon materializing. N°1, a demon imp, materializes. N°1 has a leader who tortures him around, while Artemis has a potential enemy trying to earn a Nobel Prize for her discovery. What will Artemis, N°1 and Holly discover in this adventure?

The Main Characters


I have read this book recently, and I know much about it.

VOYA states this book as "fast-paced, funny, and wholly enjoyable" and "action-packed thrill ride through fantastic worlds".


Logically, people are more attracted to fast-moving books and books with action. This book combines both of these.


This book will make you read till the finish. I barely slept when I read this book.

Guaranteed to be fast and funny

Artemis Fowl: the Lost Colony

Other Characters