Walt disney

And how he overcame his hardships.


Walt Disney had 3 brothers Herb Ray and Roy. Walt was born in December 5, 1901. Their father had a overbearing attitude with them and that got very old for them as they aged. Herb and Ray were the first to run away because of a dispute of money that they earned. Then at age 19 Roy feeling trapped in his own home so, He ran away. Before he got into the animation business he was a ambulance driver in the war.

How he came into the Walt Disney we know now

He started out making Oswald the lucky rabbit in California with his brother. But once Oswald was a success he realized that he did not own the rabbit so other companies took it over and trashed it. In the early 1930 Walt suffered what he called, "a heck of a breakdown." This meant he was extremely anxious all the time and had nights where he was up all night and Could even just snap for no reason i,e Crying or being angry at people. He took a long need vacation and came back to make snow white and the Seven dwarfs. After all that took off he made all the other things like Daffy duck and Mickie mouse.

How Disney world was created

His impact today

Walt Disney had many inspirational quotes including "If you can dream it you can do it" and "All our dreams can come true if we had the courage to pursue it" He also inspired things like loonie toons and variants of disneyland

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