Ament's Anchor

a weekly newsletter 11-5-13

A peek at our week...

Reading: We will continue with Mr. Popper's Penguin's this week reading Chapters 5 - 8 focusing on making inferences. We have a new vocabulary quizlet on Edmodo. Please make sure to study these words nightly. We will have an open book comprehension quiz on Friday, along with a vocab quiz. Please remember to bring your book back to school if you take it home!

* Vocab test Friday (words on Edmodo in Quizlet)

*Comprehension test Friday (chapter 5 - 8 open book)

Math: We have began Geometry, Topic 11! The kids are having a fun time learning about how our world is made up of shapes and lines. We learned a fun song today. Ask your child about "Angle Style". We will have a quiz this Friday on lines and angles. No test this week on geometry. You can expect a test sometime mid next week on Topic 11. Please continue to study multiplication facts. We are on our way to earning our ice cream sundae party. However, less than half of the class was able to pass their 2's last week :( I hope this will turn around quickly! Remember to go on to this website to practice for speed!

Social Studies: This is our final week to learn our regions! We will be taking the West test on Wednesday and our final test on the Southwest on Friday. I'm sure you are sick of hearing the song...but at least they know our United States and where they all are :) Please study for these final 2 quizzes and be prepared!

Important Dates & Information

  • Veteran's Day 11-11-13
  • Canned food drive is this week! Please send in a canned food item to help people right here in St. John's County! There is a contest between boys and girls to see who can bring in the most cans. Our canned food goal for the school is 3,500 cans (or more). That comes to 4 cans for each student to meet our goal. Thanks for your donations :)

A few things to remember/special notes

  • Don't forget to practice FCAT Explorer and IXL at home. These are great resources to work on preparation for the FCAT test. Please make sure you are clicking on THIRD grade when you log into IXL.
  • Please return your report card envelope if you have not already done so.
  • A special thanks to all of the moms who came in for our Fall Centers last week. When a party ends up with the teacher being wrapped in toilet paper, I think that's the sign of a good party :) Job well done moms!!!

Resource Schedule for the week

Mon: Day 4: PE

Tue: Day 5: Art

Wed: Day 6: PE

Thur: Day 7: nothing

Fri: Day 8: media

Our new first mate is.... GRACE P.

Grace has soared in the classroom, always ready to learn and has great character. Keep up the good work Grace.