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Where Do Birds Live?

- Where do birds live?

- What do birds live in?

- Where can you find bird's houses?

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When Spring starts to take shape and make everything green, and the trees and flowers begin to bud and bloom, the birds are singing and flying all around. Have you every wondered where birds live?

Birds live in all kinds of different habitats, like mountains, forests, deserts, tundras, near the water, and so much more, and some even change where they live when the weather changes - this is called migration. Migration for birds means the seasonal movement from breeding grounds, in the north, to wintering grounds, in the south.

In the Spring, birds live in nests that they use to keep their eggs safe and warm, but when there aren't any eggs for them to worry about they go to communal roosts. Birds make their nests out of many different kinds of things, some in trees and shrubs and some on the ground, and different birds make different kinds of nests. Many birds make their nests out of plant materials like twigs, sticks, grass, moss, weeds, roots, bark, leaves and pine needles. Some birds even use other materials, like feathers, fur and hair, paper, and yarn and string. Birds that make their nests in the ground use things like mud and grasses to make strong nests.

Where birds make their nests depends on what kind of bird they are. Birds that live around the water usually make nest on the ground near the water, but birds that spend their time in the trees usually make their nests in trees or bushes with a lot of leaves - some birds even make their nests in trees.

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