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October 2022

Upcoming Events - October


Conferences 13, 17 (3-7 p.m.)

No School 20, 21

Photo Retakes 24 (8:30 a.m.)

From the Principal

Parent/Teacher Conferences Are Upon Us!

Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Thursday, October 13, and Monday, October 17 from 3-7 p.m. Please watch your child's backpack for a scheduling form to arrive. It is important that you confirm the time of your conference by returning this form to your child's teacher. We look forward to seeing you!

Conferences provide the opportunity for you and your child's teacher to -

  • Become acquainted
  • Discuss your child's progress on the standards at each grade
  • Share information about your child
  • Plan together for the further growth of your child
  • Discuss the school program and any concerns you might have

October PTA Meeting

Join us at our next meeting -

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

McKinley Library

Childcare provided

An important mission to benefit McKinley students, and with many hands comes light work!

Notification of School Accountability

Dear Parent/Guardian,

North Dakota has launched a dashboard called “Insights,” designed to help communities across the state access important information about K-12 districts and schools. Insights features easy-to-read reports on multiple measures of school success, including:

  • Student Achievement
  • Choice Ready Results
  • Performance Comparisons
  • English Learner Progress
  • Graduation Rates
  • School and State Accountability Results
  • School Improvement Information
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • School Environment

Transparency to the Public

North Dakota is committed to informing communities about how well our schools are doing. North Dakota’s future success depends on tapping into the potential of all students, so they graduate choice ready with the knowledge, skills, and disposition to be successful.

State education departments are required to annually create an accountability report for every public school in the state per the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). The school accountability reports outline how schools perform on the accountability elements North Dakota selected within its ESSA plan.

How is our School Doing?

To find more information about our School Accountability Report, visit the dashboard at, select “Find My School,” and search alphabetically. The school accountability report is posted under the Dashboard heading.

Please note that the data made available to the public masks or hides data for groups with ten or fewer students to protect confidential information about individual students. Therefore, if data is unavailable to less than ten students, it will say “no data available.”

Family Engagement

We have strong plans for working to improve the educational programs at our school. We want you and your child(ren) to continue actively participating in our educational system. Please help support our high expectations for student achievement by participating in the school educational initiatives, offering input and support in our endeavors to raise student achievement, or volunteering at the school. Meeting our school’s goals will take a united effort, and I look forward to working with our families to ensure success for each student.

Continuous Improvement

All schools engage in continuous improvement for general support; therefore, our school has completed a continuous improvement plan through Cognia.

As part of the overall school improvement plan, a strategy map is generated for each school. Our strategy map, outlining our key school improvement initiatives, is also available on Insights.

McKinley is a participating Title 1 school with a student membership count of 180.

Miscellaneous Reminders

Lost and Found:

McKinley has a lost and found where items that are found can be turned in, and lost items can be reclaimed. All personal items should be marked with names so that, if lost, they can be promptly returned to their rightful owners. Twice a year at conferencing, we have a table set up near the main entrance for you to look over and take home items that belong to you. At any time, if your student is missing an item, please feel free to call or stop by the office to inquire.

Winter Gear:

Please reach out to McKinley at 701-446-5200 if your student is in need of any winter gear such as coats, snow pants, boots or gloves.

Tennis Shoes:

Tennis shoes are required for gym class, so please check your child's backpack each night to make sure that they are ready for school the next day.

The Wildcat Way!

The McKinley staff is a dedicated and caring staff that enthusiastically looks ahead to the new school year. The staff has worked collaboratively to identify values that we want people to think of when they hear McKinley Elementary.

Thank you for working with us to use these words and actions in your daily activities.





We are SAFE

We are McKinley

Start Strong - Attend to Win!

Attend to Win!

Students who attend school are more likely to learn, graduate, and succeed. Students who miss two days the first month of school are already on track to be chronically absent.

  • Regular school attendance is the biggest predictor of whether a student will graduate on time or not. High school grads earn a $1 million more than dropouts.
  • Strive for perfect attendance in the first month. Half of students who miss 2-4 days of school in September go on to miss nearly a month during the school year!
  • Research shows that missing 10 percent of the school year (about 18 days per year or 2 days per month), negatively affects a student’s academic performance.

Fargo Public Schools Illness Guidelines

Children with the following symptoms should not be sent to school and/or school activities if they have:

Indication of a temperature of 100 degrees or above

Undiagnosed rash or sores

Vomiting or diarrhea

Students may not return to school until:

The student is diagnosed by a physician to have a contagious infection and places the student on a prescription. First dose of medicine must have been taken 24 hours prior to returning to school.

Their temperature has remained below 100 degrees for 24 hours, without the use of acetaminophen (i.e., Tylenol), etc. to keep the temperature down

There has been no vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours

Photo Makeup and Retake's

Scherling Photography will be at McKinley on Monday, October 24th beginning at 8:30 a.m. for student makeup and retake photos.

  • Please contact the office at 446-5200 for an order form if your child is having their picture taken for the first time.

  • If you are having retakes, the original photo packet must be returned in order to have a new photo taken.

Delivery of Flowers/Balloons

Please refrain from having flowers and balloons delivered to your student at school as they are a distraction from our educational day plans. Keep in mind that these items are not delivered to the classroom, and do remain in the office until the end of the school day when your student is asked to pick them up as school is dismissed. We appreciate your understanding and assistance with this request.

McKinley Elementary

Cheryl Janssen, Principal

Jill Linnell, Counselor

Romelle Speral, Administrative Assistant, Editor

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