Presidential Flyer

Are you fit to be president?

Job Opening: President of the United States

Currently, America is in the market for a new president. Do YOU have what it takes to be that leader? If you answer 'yes' to all of the following, be sure to keep reading: were you born in the United States? Have you lived here 14 years? Have you never gone to prison or jail? Are you at least 35 years old?

Alright, since you're still here I suppose you do indeed qualify!

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There are plenty of perks and benefits for being president: for one you get your own private jet, a swimming pool, a bowling alley in your own house, access to secrets most citizens could only dream of knowing, a master chef, your own security team, and much more! Plus you get paid 400 grand a year (not like you'll need it).

Your Power

There are also ten powers granted to the president in the US constitution. They are as follows.

  • Power to cancel (veto) a bill. [Legislative]
  • Control of the nation's military. [Executive] *This is probably most important because you could effectively nuke the world given an opportunity.
  • Grant pardons. [Judicial]
  • Make treaties. [Legislative/Executive]
  • Receive ambassadors. [Executive]
  • Appoint ambassadors and people to positions. [Judicial]
  • Convene both houses (sometimes). [Judicial]
  • Give State of The Union addresses (what fun!) [Executive]
  • Commission officers. [Legislative]
  • Replace court justices. [Legislative]


  • Trustworthy: Keep in touch with the American people and be truthful
  • Passionate: Have a drive to improve your country and not just make money.
  • Be a level 5 leader: Show and command your authority in fair ways.
  • Know how to command a military: Do it and your nation proud.
  • Be firm in your beliefs: Don't back down in the face of adversity.
  • Be an inspiration: Inspire others to be like you.


  • Party leader: The representation of your political faction IE: attending a senate rally.
  • Commander in Chief: Leader of the US military and commander of it IE: Inspecting a naval base.
  • Chief executive: Administer laws and affairs of the nation by various means IE: Appoint CIA leader
  • Chief of State: When attending public events, represent the US: IE Awarding medals to exemplary people.
  • Chief Diplomat: Negotiating treaties with other countries and managing our foriegn affairs: IE visiting a country for talking with leader.
  • Chief Legislator: Veto bills and offer some up for congress: IE suggesting a bill to ban memes.
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Social Justice

If I were to be president, a focus would immediately be put on eliminating the very scary and real threat of SJWs. Considering they have adopted views which are radically unscientific, attack their critics for being 'bigots', and frequently destroy people's lives for talking against them, it is clear the entire ideology is a danger to modern civilization. Social justice in colleges has effectively destroyed free speech and people are fighting for the right to censor others for wrong beliefs.

As president, I would immediately set colleges to standards that are sane. I would eliminate social justice courses teaching false information and order schools to not favor minorities over those with better qualifications. This would be a hard thing to tackle but I could do it.

Solving social Justice

I would use my power as a legislator to pass various bills through congress prohibiting the poison of our youths and make sure to veto any bills with ridiculous concepts. I would go about ensuring state governments do not bend to the will of a silent majority and be sure to appoint people against the social justice movement.
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