Symphonic Percussion Schedule

Schedule and Expectations for Sept. 22-27

In Class Schedule and Expectations

Both classes will start with The Great Hands Warm-up. This week we hope to introduce to freshmen and sophomores: Rolls in 6/8 Time Signatures and the 7-Stroke Roll; juniors and seniors: F Major pattern and g minor chromatics; Drew: Timpani Cross Sticking. These will be tested the week of Oct. 31.

We will try to review 4 mallet techniques.

This week we start rehearsing music. The expectation is the students will be able to perform the notes and rhythms of the following:

The Christmas Song top - 5

Christmas Medley top - F

Moonrise top - A

Students who are able to perform their assigned songs will receive full credit for their contribution to class.

Specific day to day schedule at

Lafayette Contest of Champions

Saturday, Sep. 27th, 8am-9:45pm

17050 Clayton Rd

Wildwood, MO

This schedule is tentative. Times are subject to change.

Needs for the day:

Rehearsal clothes snack black band shoes black knee high socks

clothing for under the uniform band polo khaki pants/shorts street shoes

money for food at the competition (lunch and dinner) wrist bands for uniform jacket

band uniform with garment bag.

Keep an eye on the weather for that day, make sure your student is prepared for whatever the weather may throw at us.

Out of Class Schedule

Friday, Sept. 19 is the end of the grading period.

Drumline Rehearsals for next week: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 2:30-5:30; Wednesday 5:30-8:30.

Friday, Sept. 26 is a Home Football Game and 8th Grade Night. Check Spirit Notes for details.

Saturday, Sept. 27 is the Lafayette Contest of Champions Marching Band Festival. Be at school at 8:00 am. A tentative schedule is on


As always, keep up with Spirit Notes regarding marching festivals. We all have hectic schedules and that is the most complete way to know what's going on with fund raising and non classroom issues.