Should Animal Experimentation Stay?

by : Noah Harrison Period-6th

Animal Experimentation has been on the bridge of ending recently. It is said that Animal Experimentation is cruel and not useful. It is really the opposite. Animal Experimentation helps us get vaccines and cure diseases. In the following flyer, i will give you examples on how i can support this idea.
The government should still experiment on animals, because for about 1,000 deaths of animals is a small price to pay for an uncountable amount of help it would give to the medical world. There are many experimental animals today, but the most common "...test subjects include laboratory animals--mice, rats, pigs." These animals are used most common because they have mostly the same organs. They are also mammals like us. This is helpful so that we don't have any unnecessary Human deaths. In fact, "...when it comes to medical research, animal models are indispensable." This is telling you that if we don't have animals to experiment on then we would have to go to human experimentation. Surprisingly, "...scientists in France and Germany were able to regenerate damaged brain areas in mice for the first time." This says that we can fix animals brains so soon we will be able to fix humans brains thanks to animals.
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An opposing argument is that animals don't need to be harmed. This picture above shows that most animals don't even have pain. The ones that do have pain most of them have pain drugs to dull the pain. They are currently seeking out people who are being cruel to animals and they can got to jail for it. Of course there are some people that don't use pain drugs and that is only %17 for the animals that are referenced the graph above.
"These vaccines have shown promise in preliminary safety trials involving animals and could eventually save the lives of thousands of people worldwide." This says that animal experimentation can help with curing Ebola. "Animal research is vital to the study of disease, and it is the primary reason why scientists have hope that they'll be able to cure Ebola and other emerging infectious diseases." This says that without animals we would never have made as much progress in the medical world for diseases.